December 24, 2009

Farm Enterprises Limited ( Reliance Enterprises Limited )

2016 Blog Comment -Shares Can , Now , be Dematerialised


19-12-2015 Post

Farm Enterprises Shares to be Converted to Reliance Inds Shares 1:1

Farm Enterprises Limited ( earlier also Reliance Enterprises Limited )

Please go through the below mentioned Postal Ballot (  for Farm Enterprises shareholders )

All the Non Promoters shares in Farm Enterprises will be cancelled. In lieu of every 1 share of Farm  Enterprises ( Unlisted ) 1 share of Reliance Industries Limited  ( Listed )would be allotted ( free )

99 : 35 % of Farm Enterprises Shares are with Promoters. Total Share Capital Rs. 133 crore 33 Lakh ( Face value per Share = Rs.10.)

Farm Enterprises Limited is the new corporate entity of the erstwhile Reliance Enterprises Limited.


Farm Enterprises Limited
Registered Office : 
B-4, MIDC Industrial Area,
( Near Rasayni Police Station )
 Rasayni -410 - 220 ( Maharashtra )

Tel : 022-40613171

email :

Website :  Annual Reports can , also , be downloaded here.

  Registrars :-

Karvy Computershare Private Limite
Karvy Selenium Tower B
Plot 31-32, Gachibowli,
Financial District Nanakramguda,Hyderabad - 500 032,
Tel : +91-40-67161700
Toll Free No : +1800 425 8998
Fax : +91 40-23114087


Directors :

JSP Bansal,
Ashwin Khasgiwala
Atul Kumar Tandon
Rajendra Mangal

Assistant Company Secretary :
Hetal Rathod

As per the Annual Report 2008-2009

Equity Share Capital : on 31-03-09 :Around Rs. 6 crore
In the Previous Year i.e. as on 31-03-08, equity Share Capital was merely Rs. Six Lakh (60,000 equity shares of Rs. 10 each )

Face Value per Share : Rs.10
( The Company seems to have issued Optionally Convertible Preference Shares which on conversion would affect the Equity Capital )

As on 31-03-2009 there were around 2 crore  Series "A "12 % Optionally Convertible Cumulative Preference Shares outstanding and around 11 crore  32 lakh Series "A " 12 % Optionally  Convertible Cumulative Preference Shares ( Re 1 paid up ) outstanding .

Reserves : Rs 1950 crore
This would translate in to a Book Value of about Rs.3150 or so.

The company holds ( Pre Bonus ) 4 crore 60 lakh shares of Reliance Industries Limited . These may be worth , at CMP ( Ex 1:1 Bonus ) around Rs.9200 crore or roughly Rs.14750 per EQUITY share outstanding on 31-03-09 , thus giving it tremendous hidden worth.
( If the Equity Share capital as on 31-03-08 was taken and CMP of Reliance Industries Limited then the figure was Rs. Fifteen Lakh + , per one share of Rs.10/-)

  Dividend : Nil

Status : Shares appear to be not listed , hence illiquid

PLEASE NOTE :It appears that the Holders of  Optionally Convertible Preference Shares of Farm Enterprises ( Reliance Enterprises ) Limited  have to EXERCISE their option to convert in to EQUITY shares before the deadline. Otherwise their Right to Convert would Lapse.  

There are two types 12 % Optionally Convertible Cumulative Preference Shares ( Series A ).  

1 ) Fully Paid Up ( Rs. 10 / - ) each . Each such share can be converted into One Equity Share . Equity share can fetch around Rs. 600  which is much more profitable than the Redemption price of Rs. 275   which would be paid by the Company to all those holders ( after 5 years from Allotment ) who do not exercise the Right to Convert .

2 ) For Re. 1 paid up ( Face Value Rs. 10 ) the holder can apply for one equity share by making a further  payment of Rs. 199  ( Total Cost Re. 1 + Rs.199  = Rs. 200 ), before 5 years of allotment . If no application for equity shares  is made then holders would get back Re. 1 per share at the end of the Tenure


2016 Blog Comments. It seems ( PLEASE RECHECK THIS ) that regarding all those holders of Convertible Preference shares who did nor exercise their Right to Convert with in the Time period , their Rights have been taken by the Promoters ( Please Recheck this ) ( It appears this Post which exposed the Management has , now , been removed . It is not longer Available )

There should be listing of both Equity and Preference shares of Farm Enterprises Limited on the NSE 

(Important Comment From Mr. Satyakam Mishra )

Limited Liability Partnership Is The New Buzzword In The Corporate World

Limited Liability Partnership, or LLP, is the new buzzword in the corporate world. Or so it seems.Since the registration of the first LLP on April 2, 2009, the count of LLPs in India has touched 2,457. India Inc certainly seems to relish the idea of having a business model that provides the benefits of limited liability, separate juridical presence and continued existence while simultaneously affording the flexibility of partnerships.

Mukesh Ambani has already shifted a significant chunk of his 142,000 crore equity holdings in RIL to limited liability partnerships (LLPs), a new ownership structure. If my memory is correct Ambani has moved 34.17% stake held in 32 privately-held companies to 61 companies which include 27 limited liability partnerships (LLPs).. According to the data available on the stock exchange websites, Ambani held 44.7% stake via 41 privately held companies as of March 31, 2010. Some of the holding companies held as high as 9.6% stake while others held just few hundred shares. And, at the end of June 30, 2010 he held the same stake under 71 privately-held companies.

As part of the restructuring,
Godrej Industries has earlier sougt shareholder approval to form a special purpose vehicle to implement a real estate project along with its subsidiary Godrej Properties. Godrej Ind is the listed holding company of the Godrej group, with subsidiaries in varied businesses such as foods, consumer products, chemicals and real estate projects.

Godrej & Boyce Manufacturing Company is a privately-owned company of the group (which runs the group’s famous furniture and locks business) and is also the main shareholder of Godrej Industries. Godrej & Boyce has leased out land to Godrej Industries to house its current facilities. Of this, Godrej Industries plans to develop 36.5 acres of land (14.6 hectares) along with Godrej Properties. The three companies have signed a memorandum of understanding and will form limited liability partnerships (LLP). These LLPs will enter into lease agreements with Godrej & Boyce to develop the land. Godrej Industries will invest only Rs 1 crore for this project.

The LLPs will be set up for real estate projects. Godrej Industries will get a 40% share of the profits of the LLPs while Godrej Properties will get the rest. If the LLPs incur a loss, Godrej Properties will bear the entire burden. Godrej Properties will raise the funds required for the LLPs to implement the project. That would explain the higher share of profits, as it will fund the project as well bear all the risk.

This may well be the first instance of a large listed corporate using the LLP route to undertake a business activity. LLPs are internationally well accepted but have only recently become part of the corporate landscape in India. The main attractiveness of this structure is that, as the name indicates, limits the liability of the partners to their investment in the LLP and not beyond. It is also said to be easier to set up and operate with relaxed reporting structures unlike the traditional incorporation laws governing companies under The Companies Act, 1956.
LLP will have more flexibility as compared to a company and have lesser compliance requirements as compared to a company.

I am not sure of the status of Ambani’s holding in Farm Enterprise which is hold 2.8% equity of RIL. As per 31st December, 2010 filing with NSE, it continues to hold that stake. Farm Enterprise commands a value of 550-600 in off market curretly. I fear if the stake of Farm Enterpriseis also transferred , it will remain but a shell company.
All of us are aware that Indian promoter families control companies through myriad investment companies. So, it makes sense for them to make the shareholding more “tax efficient” by replacing investment entities by LLPs.

I don’t know how will the stock price react such conversion.but certainly this is making me nervous and jittery.

 Satyakam Mishra



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These would be published Free of Cost .

2 ) M- 97795-24470


General Warning : Investment in Shares Can Be Injurious to Your WEALTH

Disclaimer : All facts stated in good faith. Please recheck every point before taking any decision. No responsibility with the writer / blog


Unknown said...

Dear sir,I m having 12%opionally convertible cumulative prefrence share fully paid up...war folio no.009235183. I didnt recieved aqny dividend on the same.
Plz solve my this problem regarding dividend.

Thanks & ragards

Unknown said...

if i want sell my hoding at what price? please advice me.
whene share will be listed?
at present we donot get divident or bonus.

Ankur Sodani said...

Dear sir,I m having 5 nos shares in the name of Reliance Enterprise Ltd. I didnt recieved any dividend on the same nor any changes have been informed.
kindly suggest.

Thanks & ragards
Ankur Sodani

Pooja Doshi said...

We are holding shares of Farm Enterprise ltd. and we are interested in selling these shares.pls inform us when is the company goin to be listed???
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Anonymous said...

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Niraj Kajaria said...

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Ankur said...

I have few shares of Reliance Enterprise in physical mode. Can i approach someone to get share of Farm Enterprise. Once converted into Farm, i would like to sell them.


Mukund Kini said...

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GreatOne said...

This is Shantanu.
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how to sell them ?

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Anonymous said...

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SUNIL said...

I wish to buy Farm Enterprise shares. If any one has them, i can buy at negotiable price.

Sunil Maheshwari

Amit said...

My farm enterprises got automatically exercised from my icicidirect account!! They were recently transferred to ICICI.

On asking the icici officials said that the 12% pref shares were to be automatically redeemed at 275 /share as I had not exercised the option.

Is it so? I am not sure if this should have been automatically exercised without my consent. Please guide what should I do.


Anonymous said...

Any price idea of farm enterprises share

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

Dear sir,

We have roughly a total of 1.35 lac shares in 60 companies that are now either unlisted/delisted/amalgamated.
Some are in DMAT form and some in paper form too.
I wanted to know the procedure to dispose these shares and the other scrips in the said category.
Any help will be appreciated.

I have Reliance Enterprises Ltd Shares among these



Ashwani Kumar Aggarwal said...

Dear Vaihbav,

Please make a list.

Those shares which can be dematerialised please get them demated.

We can publish your list in this blog along with your contact details. This will be free.


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Ashok Kumar Ralhan said...

I have the following Equity shares certificates in Physical Form. Is anyone interested to buy:-
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4. Kiran Overseas Ltd ( Paid up Value- Rs.10/-) 200 Shares
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Unknown said...

Sir farm enterprises ka kye hua all profit is swallowed by promoters
Investors can see only he can not do something.....
Very hopeless ......

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robin said...

We are holding shares of Farm Enterprise ltd. and we are interested in selling these shares.pls inform us when is the company goin to be listed???
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gopal said...

I am holding 10farm enterprises shares .I am not getting any info regarding it. Can anybody help?

Unknown said...

Hello sir
I am having reliance farm enterprise s
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Unknown said...

I have the following shares in physical form. Is anyone interested in buying ?
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Unknown said...

Understand farm ent shares were converted to shares of Reliance Ind from various sites. Kindly check.

Preet Choudhary said...


Sadhana said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

I am holding 3 Reliance Enterprises Limited shares in paper form .Can I get bonus shares and right share of reliance please let me know

Ashwani Kumar Aggarwal said...

3 Reliance Enterprises shares. Please check with Reliance Inds.Most probably these were compulsorily bought back long time ago.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Mr. Ashwani Aggarwal for useful info. I have not received any communication from RIL in this regard.

Ashwani Kumar Aggarwal said...

Please take up your case with Farm Enterprises . This compulsory buy back , OF SMALL LOTS ONLY ,took place long time back.( Please Recheck this information )

Unknown said...

I have 12 Reliance enterprises limited share in paper form then what i can do???

Arun Kumar said...

Hi sir,
I have been holding Reliance Enterprises Limited shares
These shares are in physical form.
Please guide me how to convert these shares into digital form or in demat account.

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Ashwani Kumar Aggarwal said...

Sir , To the best of my knowledge investors holding around 5 shares had their shares compulsorily bought back around 30 years back . It was then Reliance Enterprises- Share Re 1 paid . Share certificates were not recalled . Still you must take up the issue with Farm Enterprises

Unknown said...

Dear Ashwaniji, Can U please guide us how to approach Farm Enterprise by providing address, phone#, ragistrar address. Thanks.

Ashwani Kumar Aggarwal said...

To contact Farm Enterprises please copy paste the link

Unknown said...

Thank you Ashwaniji for providing FEL details.

Ashwani Kumar Aggarwal said...


pradeep said...

thank you for the information

Ashwani Kumar Aggarwal said...

Sir Welcome

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I am holding one share of Reliance Enterpr

Anonymous said...

Holding one share of Reliance Enterprises
If anyone interested in buying it please contact K.R.Prabhakaran Nair

Ashwani Kumar Aggarwal said...

Sir ,
Re-- 1 share of Reliance Entprises

To the best of our knowledge ,which please recheck , more than 30 years back such holdings were compulsorily bought back. Payment was made without the return of share certificates .

Sanjiv Kumar Mall said...

I am holding 5 shares of Reliance Enterprises Ltd in physical form. Anyone interested to buy please?

Unknown said...

I m holding six (6) shares of Reliance Enterprises Ltd in physical form. Please advise how to convert them into demat form.
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Unknown said...

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