October 31, 2023

31 st October - Birth Anniversary of Sardar Patel- Bismarck of India

One lesser known point of his contribution to India. India 's Lakshdweep and Minicoy Islands located very very strategically in the Indian Ocean are 100 % Muslim. When , in 1947 , India was being divided on communal lines , Sardar Patel sent an Indian Naval ship to Lakshdweep which raised the Indian Tricolor there. After a few days a Pakistani ship arrived but had to return.
The greatness of Sardar was that unlike Kashmir ( which is only Muslim MAJORITY ) that Sardar Patel never let Lakshdweep ever become an Issue.
Had Sardar 's views prevailed there would not have been any Kashmir problem and India would not have surrendered abjectly in Tibet. With Tibet existing as an independent nation , there would not have been any hostile Chinese neighborhood. Sardar Patel had warned Nehru against the Chinese designs on Tibet and the repercussions it would have on India..
Sardar Patel placed the interests of his country above every thing . He did not encourage his children to interfere in state matters and , he did not leave behind a dynasty.He was the true " Iron Man of India ) and after Mahatma Gandhi , Gujarat 's ( then Bombay Presidency ) biggest gift to India


Drinking Water - Then and Now

Earlier ,while travelling by cars, our elders had earmarked some way side hand pumps here drinking water was meetha and cool .

 As a child l , as an outsider was very surprised to find that in Delhi drinking water was sold in refrigerated vans. In late 1960 s the cost was 3 paise per glass. 

 Bombay was progressive. Eateries were granted licences on the condition that even passerby / non customers had to provided with free drinking water.

October 30, 2023

Hexaware Technologies -Second Interim Dividend of Rs. 8 / 50 paise Paid- Share Rs 2 paid up

Second Interim Dividend of Rs. 8.50 per equity share of face value of Rs.2/- each was declared by the Board of Directors on October 7, 2023. This Interim Dividend is paid to those shareholders whose names appeared in the Register of Member as on the record date announced by the Company i.e. October 16, 2023



 October 06, 2023

Sandip Ginodia / Altiius - Share Dealer / Analyst 's Update on Hexaware Technologies - Message Received 


 April 11, 2023
Hexaware Technologies - 2022-Annual Report

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Tata Motors Wins Nano - W Bengal Compensation Case- Moneycontrol Link

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HDB Financials- Q2- 2024 Results - Rs 2 / share Interim Dividend Paid

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April 18, 2023

HDB Financials- Q4- 2023 /Previous Quarters Results

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