February 29, 2024

Lotte India 2022-2023 Annual Report

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March 06, 2023

Lotte India- Annual Report 2021-2022

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It appears some shares of Lotte India are available for Sale / Purchase with Dealers of Rare Indian Shares.

Lotte India Corporation Limited

ISIN :  INE 185A01011


Originally promoted as Parry Confectionery Limited ( 1914 ) it set up its sweets confectionery factory at Nellikuppam in Cuddalore District of Tamil Nadu.

With India joining WTO and globalization , in 2004 , Murugappa ( EID Parry - Tube Investments) group sold their controlling stake to the renowned South Korean confectionery Multinational "LOTTE " which  had been  set up by the legendary South Korean entrepreneur Shin Kyuk Ho.Lotte is present in around 70 countries and has a turnover of around $ 1billion


Chairman :Yong Tack Kim
Managing Director : Myung Ki Min
Director : DG Rajan

Registered Office: No. 4 / 111, Mount Poonamallee Road , Manapakkam , Chennai- 600006

After a Reverse Book Building process the share was delisted w.e.f. 24-07-09. The discovered price was Rs. 540 /-

The Promoters ,Lotte Confectionery Co. Limited South Korea came to own 95.88 % of  equity.

For the Year ending 31-03-10 ,S ales Rs. 197 Crore , Gross Profit Rs. 10 cr and net profit around Rs. 2 .5 Cr
In the Previous year  Sales Rs. 183 cr; Gross Profit Rs. 6.1 Cr ,Net Loss Rs. 2.1 cr

Share Capital : Rs. 3 cr. 77  Lakh ( Now Rs. 9 Cr 56 Lakh )
Reserves Rs. 38 cr 87 Lakh


Status : Delisted

No.of Shareholders : around 2785 ( holding 4.12 % of equity shares )

With dominant market share comprising of products like "Lotte Coffy Bite " "Lotte Choco Pie "  ,being-part of the renowned Lotte group and a robustly growing Indian market Lotte India Corporation Limited has a very bright future.





Financial Year Ended 31-12-2010

Financial Year Changed to end 31 December in order to be in line with the parent company.

Lotte Foods India Private Limited amalgamated with  Lotte India Corporation Limited . As a result share capital rises to Rs. 9 cr.56 lakh.

For 9 months ending 31-12-10

Sales Rs. 155 crore
Gross Profit : Rs. 10 . 20 cr
Profit Before Tax Rs. 56 lakh
Net Loss Rs. 6 crore 17 lakh.
Dividend : NIL


Lotte India Corporation - Turns Profitable

Delisted confectionery company Lotte India Corp ( formerly Parry Confectionery ) 
Provisional Figures for 9 Months ended 30-09-12
Sales  :Rs.230 Crore
Profit Before Tax  Rs. 6 / 50 Crore
98 : 37 % of the Capital is held by Lotte Confectionery Co. Limited of South Korea.: 

Lotte India Corporation Ltd - Annual Report ( Ending 31-12-12 )

Lotte India is   delisted  ( Promoter Holding 98 : 37 % )

Financials  - 01-01-12 to 31- 12-12

Sales- Rs. 319 Crore

Gross Profit : Rs. 23 cr 89 lakh

 After depreciation, Interest : Rs. 8 cr 37 lakh

Net Profit : Rs. 6 cr 66 lakh

EPS : Rs. 6 : 97 paise

Dividend : Nil

As on 31-12-1012

Share Capital : Rs. 9 cr 56 lakh

Reserves : Rs. 442 cr 38 lakh

Face Value Per Share :Rs.10

AGM : 14 - 06 - 2013  at Chennai


Lotte India Corporation - 31/12/2014 - Financial Results

For Year Ended 31 /12 /2014

Gross Sales : Rs. 374 cr

Gross Profit : Rs. 20 cr 61 lakh

Profit Before Tax : Rs.2 cr 72 lakh

Net Profit ( after Tax )

Re 1 cr 31 lakh

EPS : Re 1 /37 paise

Dividend : Nil

Promoter Holding : 98: 38 %

AGM  ( 60th ) : 22/06/2015 at Chennai

Lotte India - Annual Report Year Ending 31/12/2014 Please Click :-



February 28, 2024

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