September 17, 2009

A Couplet on Demat Shares

On Demat Shares ( original in Punjabi )

Putt Vihaya Ni - Teh Gayaa
( Once your son is married - You Lose Him )

Note Tudwaha Ni - Teh Gaya
( Once you break your high denomination currency note- You Lose the entire sum )

Share Demat Karayaa Ni - Teh Gaya

U P Hotels Limited

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December 04, 2015

UP Hotels - No Delisting ,No Bonus , No Quotation- Please Guide

U P Hotels Limted

Registered Office : 1101, " Surya Kiran " 19, Kasturba Gandhi Marg,
New Delhi 110001.

Chairman and  Managing Director , LP Gupta ; Vice Chairman & Managing Director Birendra Kumar ; Apurv Kumar , Executive Director ; Rupak Gupta , Executive Director

U P Hotels Limited was set up in 1961. It owns the famous and highly respected " CLARKS ' group of luxury hotels :-

Hotel Clarks Shiraz , Agra
Hotel Clarks Amer , Jaipur
Hotel Clarks Avadh , Lucknow
Hotel Clarks Khajuraho, Khajuraho

As on 31-09-09 , Share Capital , Rs. Five Crore Forty Lakh ; Rererves Rs. Rs. 44 crore. It is a Zero Debt Company. For the year ended 31-09-09 on a turnover of Rs. 59 crore , Net profit Rs. 8.9 crore. Dividend 25%

No. of shareholders ; around 1060 ; Demat ratio -about 25% ;
Over 88% shares are held by promoters.

Status : Listed at BSE , Mildly Liquid ( Traded nearly daily ). Closing rate on 16-09-09 around Rs.180.

It appears , Hotel industry's prospects would improve considerably in future.


UP Hotels Bonus Issue - Non Promoters Only- Ratio 31 :2 0

Non Promoter Public Share holders of UP Hotels get a bonanza . Only for them  Bonus Issue in the ratio of 31 bonus  shares for every 20 held.

Does this mean that UP Hotels has dropped its earlier plans to Delist ?

A Dividend of 50 % has been declared for 2012-13

UP Hotels owns the chain of famous Clark Group of Hotels .



Bonus Shares For Non Promoters Only - What Would Be Ex - Bonus Price ?

 These days a new development has taken place . Some Companies , to comply with Minimum 25% Public Holding Directive of SEBI  ,are issuing Bonus shares only to their Non Promoters


UP Hotels 

Bonus Ratio : 31 Bonus Shares For 20 Held

Here , around 12 %  shares are held by the Non Promoters


Ras Resorts

Bonus Ratio

1 : 5 ( Please Recheck )



Answer  By Bhavikk Shah
As for the bonus to non-promoters are concern- the equation remains the same that is -

At present UP HOTELS CMP is Rs. 353.90 per share . It declared bonus of 31 new for every 20 held - so after bonus the price FOR INDIVIDUAL INVESTOR should be Rs.138.78/share.
(CMP Rs.353.90 x 20 all ready held = Rs.7078; Bonus of 31 new so your total investment of Rs. 7078 remains the same but the total number of shares increase to 51 shares , so Rs. 7078/51 = Rs.138.78/sh)

Now, for promoters -
Company has total of 54,00,000 shares - promoters hold 88.39% or 47,72,960 shares.

Co's 54,00,000 shares will become 63,71,912 shares (Total shares 54,00,000; bonus to non promoter so minus the promoter holding of 47,72,960 from this 54,00,000 = 6,27,040 shares;Bonus is of 31 new for 20 held so- 6,27,040 divide by 20 already held will give you 31,352 shares multiply this by 31 new shares will give you 9,71,912 new shares ; Add this 9,71,912 with 54,00,000 will give you 63,71,912 shares)-
now, promoters will not be getting Bonus so their holdings remains same at 47,72,960 shares but their percentage will be reduced from 88.39% to 74.90% a reduction of dot 13.49% in promoters holding. This is also one kind of dilution.

BUT this promoter dilution will impact the market cap and co's MCAP before bonus is 54,00,000 Shares X CMP of Rs.353.90 = Rs.191,10,60,000 Cr
Now divide this 191 Cr with new Total shares = Rs. 191,10,60,000 / new total shares of 63,71,912 = Rs. 299.91
I think UP HOTELS should trade near Rs.300 after bonus.




Blog 's extreme gratitude to Bhavikk Shah for his brilliant analysis.

September 16, 2009

Sir Shadilal Enterprises Limited

Registered Office : 4-A, Hansalaya, 15, Barakhamba Road , New Delhi- 110001

Chairman : Onke Aggarwal, Managing Director : Rajat Lal

Sir Shadilal Enterprises Limited was established in 1933 as The Upper Doab Sugar Mills Limited.

At present Sir Shadilal Enterprises Limited has 4 manufacturing units viz

Sugar Mills at Shamli ( Distt. Muzaffarnagar ) UP
Unn ( Distt. Muzaffarnagar ) UP

Distillery Units :
Shamli ( Distt. Muzaffarnagar)UP
Pilkhani ( Distt. Saharanpur ) UP

Share Capital : Rs. 5.25 Crore, Reserves ( 31-09-09 ) 67 Crore. ( Loan Funds Rs.240 Crore ).

Turnover for the year ended 31-03-09 Rs. 413 crore. Profit before Depreciation & Tax was Rs. 16 crore and after providing or Rs. 16.5 crore depreciation and Deferred Tax etc the net loss was 5.7 crore.

The noteworthy features are :-

Recently Sir Shadilal Enterprises Limited ,on cash basis , the entire sugar plant of Monnet Sugar Limited's at Unn ( UP ).This was achieved without effecting any increase in the share capital of Sir Shadilal Enterprises Limited . The acquisition cost was met by loans / internal accruals.

The timing of the new acquisition could not have been better. Sugar industry prospects have increased very significantly in the recent past.

For the First Quarter, ending June 2009 Sales were Rs. 134 crore and Net Profit Rs. 5.8 crore . For the First Quarter ending June 2008 Sales were Rs. 48 crore and Loss Rs. 13.5 crore. indicating a very significant turn around in the current year.

Sir Shadilal Enterprises Limited has entered in to an agreement with United Spirits Limited for bottling their IMFL Brands at its Pilkhani Distillery.

The share is listed at Delhi Stock Exchange and BSE. It is fairly liquid at BSE ( traded daily ) and the closing quotation on 15-09-09 was around Rs. 140 ( for Rs. 10 paid share)

No.of Shareholders : around 2200

Caution :The blog writer has personal/ family members' holdings in this company ,so please make suitable "provisions " for likely over optimism .

( All comments / facts given in good faith. Please recheck all points before taking any investment decision. No responsibility with this blog / writer )

September 13, 2009

Shri Nataraj Ceramic & Chemical Industries Limited ( Dalmia Refractories )

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April 23, 2021

Dalmia Refractories Share Valued at Rs.1463 in 2019 by Official Valuation Experts

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Dalmia Refractories Listed at Metropolitan Stock Exchange

Metropolitan Stock Exchange was earlier named MCX Stock Exchange.

March 11, 2014

Shri Nataraj Ceramic Name Changed to Dalmia Refractories Limited

Shri Nataraj Ceramic And Chemical Industries Limited 's name is being changed to Dalmia Refractories Limited .


Dalmia Refractories Limited

Registered Office :

Dalmiapuram ,
Distt. Tiruchirapalli ( TN )

Corporate Office :

4 , Scindia House ,
Connaught Place,
New Delhi-110001

Shri Natraj Ceramic And Chemical Industries Limited was incorporated 1n 1973 as Dalmia Ceramics Industries Limited to take the existing refractory businesses of Dalmia Cement ( Bharat ) Limited.

Ceased to be a subsidiary of Dalmia Cement ( Bharat ) Limited around 1976.

 Name changed  from Dalmia Ceramics Limited to Shri Nataraj Ceramics And Chemical Industries Limited in 1984 when a public issue of 3 Lakh shares of Rs. 10 was made.

Shri Nataraj Ceramics  Chemical Industries Limited belongs to Dalmia Cement ( Bharat ) group of Jai Hari Dalmia and Yadu Hari Dalmia . Other prominent companies of the group are Alirox Abrasives Limited ; OCL India Limited , Ankita Pratisthan Limited , Dalmia Cement ( Bharat ) Limited etc.

Shri Nataraj CeramicAnd Chemical  Industries Limited manufactures mainly High Alumina Bricks ( refractories ) used mostly by cement factories. Its manufacturing units are located in :-

Dalmiapuram ( TN )
Wakaner ( Gajarat )
Jam Khambalia ( Gujarat )

It is in the process of adding a further total capacity of 16,000 tonnes to its existing 88,000 tonnes.

As on 31-03-09 ,Share capital Rs. 80 Lakh ( set to increase to Rs. 3.2 crore on Warrant Exercise ) , Reserves Rs. 31 crore, Turnover Rs. 87 crore , Profit after Tax Rs. 6.25 crore , thereby giving an EPS of around Rs 80 ( on Rs. 10 paid share). Dividend payout 50 % .

Results For 2009-10

Share Capital (  on 31-03-10 ) Rs. 80 Lakh
Face Value : Rs. 10 

Reserves :Rs.40 cr
 Net Profit : Rs.10 cr
Dividend : 60 %

Interesting and noteworthy development is that recently the Company made a debenture issue worth Rs. Rs. 2.4 crore with attached warrants ( 24 lakh shares of Rs.10 each ). As the Company's liquidity was fairly comfortable , with Net Current Assets ( i.e.Current Assets minus Current Liabilities ) worth Rs 28 crore , so the real reason for issuing further capital may not strictly be " raising money for working capital " needs ( as officially stated in the Letter of Offer) but Promoters' Stake Raising exercise.

No. of Shareholders : around 5430

Status : Illiquid

Listed : only at Madras Stock Exchange ; Delhi Stock Exchange and Calcutta Stock Exchange


Warrant Conversion is @ Rs. 35 which is very attractive.
Conversion of Warrants Strongly Recommended

March Ending  2011( Consolidated )

Sales Rs. 88 cr ( Previous Yr 100 Cr )
Gross Profit 7 cr ( 16 cr )
Net Profit Rs. 3 . 5 cr ( 10 cr )
Equity Rs. 3 . 15 cr ( 80 lakh )

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Dalmia Refractories ( Shri Nataraj Ceramics ) Becomes Delisted Again

Dalmia Refractories Limited ( earlier named Shri Nataraj Ceramics And Chemical Industries Limited ) was being traded at NSE.

Consequent to Voluntary Exit of Madras Stock Exchange ( wef 14/05/15 ) the agreement between NSE and MSE has been discontinued and shares of Dalmia Refractories ( and other such shares from MSE ) are no longer being traded on NSE.


All such companies which are exclusively listed on now Defunct Regional Stock Exchanges ( e.g. Frick India Limited which is only listed with Delhi Stock Exchange ) has to Relist with  BSE / NSE latest ny 2016 end

Blog Caution : Please Recheck All Information


November 28, 2015

Dalmia Refractories ( SNCCL ) H1 ( 2015 -16 ) Profits Surge YOY

Excellent Performance in Q1 ( ending June 2015 )


Lackluster in Q2 ( 3 months  ending Sept 2015 )



General Warning : Investment in shares can be injurious to your WEALTH.

Caution :The blog writer has personal/ family members' holdings in this company ,so please make suitable "provisions " for likely over optimism .

( All comments / facts given in good faith. Please recheck all points before taking any investment decision.No responsibility with this blog / writer )

September 08, 2009

SIL Investments Limited ( Sutlej Cotton Mills Limited )

Presently, SIL Investments Limited ( Registered Office : Pachpahar Road , Bhawanimandi ( Rajasthan ) is an investment company of KK Birla group.

SIl Investments Limited was incorporated in 1934 , under Ghansham Das Birla as Sutlej Cotton Mills Limited. It put up a composite textile unit at Okara ( now in Pakistan ). In 1947 Sutlej Cotton Mills Limited 's Okara factory was seized by Pakistan Government as enemy property.

On 01-07-09, the textile and fabrics units were demerged into a new company , Sutlej Textiles Limited ( listed separately ).Original Sutlej Cotton Textiles Limited , then , became SIL Investments Limited ( SIL = Sutlej Industries Limited ) an investment company holding promoters' shares and some properties in U.P. and Maharashtra.

SIL Investments Limited 's equity capital is Rs.10.6 crore and its Book Value is around Rs. 120/-per share of Rs. 10 Face Value. It holds promoters shares in blue chip Birla companies like Zuari Industries Limited ; Chambal Fertilisers & Chemicals Limited ; Upper Ganges Sugar & Industries Limited and Oudh Sugar Limited and some properties in U.P and Maharashtra.

SIL Investments Limited's hidden worth can be judged from the fact that on a Book Value of around Rs. 80 crore the market value of quoted shares was Rs,186 crore on 31-03-09 ( Rs, 240 crore on 31-03-08 ).

Net profit for the year ending 31-03-09 was Rs. Seven and Half crore. Dividend payout was 10% indicative of a conservative policy.

Number of Shareholders : around 4750

Status : Listed at Bombay Stock Exchange and NSE -Fairly liquid- Traded Daily ( 96% shares held by shareholders in Demat ).

Closing Share price on 08-09-09- Rs. 85.