July 31, 2019


.Must Watch ( for share markets' plight ,also _

Brilliant analysis by Shekhar Gupta. Income Tax in India is a Jazia on Non Vote Banks. Rich / Super Rich Farmers do not pay Income Tax ( they do not file even Returns ) whereas Physically Handicapped Indians pay Income Tax. Tax payers in India and their Hard Earned Wealth are presumed to be Criminal Unless proven otherwise

Just like when a Farmer etc commits suicide , Business men / Industrialists should join hands to protest against the Suicide by this brilliant businessman and a top Tax Payer.

July 25, 2019

Barbeque Nation -2018-19 Annual Report

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Ramaraju Surgical Cotton- Annual Report - 2018-19 -

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June 10, 2019

Ramaraju Surgical Cotton-2018-19 Results

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August 15, 2018

Ramaraju Surgical- Q12019- Results

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September 18, 2017

Ramaraju Surgical Cotton- 2016-17-Annual Report

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Ramaraju Surgical has , recently , declared a Bonus in the ratio of 1 :1 - Record Date --28/06/17


official site



Listing : Ramaraju Surgical was earlier listed in the , now , closed Madras Stock Exchange. As per SEBI orders it has to either Relist or Offer Exit option.

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July 21, 2019

High Bank FD Returns - Jana Small Finnce Bank

Sea Lord Containers- Annual Report 2018-19

Blog Credit to Jignesh Gohel

Blog Comments:

It appears that all the remaining Non Promoter share holders have been , compulsorily , bought out. .

Sea Lord Containers is , now , 100% subsidiary of  Aegis Logistics ( Listed )

July 20, 2019

PM Imran Khan's Mother's House in Basti Nau , Jalandhar

Now Law College / GNDU College ( Haveli of Ahmed Hussan Khan- Nanaji of PM Imran Khan )


We are most grateful to Jenab Ather Khan Sahib ( Pakistan ) for this great information

This is the house of Burki Family then Commisioner Ahmed Hussan Khan father of Ahmed Raza Khan, Shaukat Khanum mother of World known Cricketer Imran Khan and Shaukat Khanum elder sister married to Lieut. General Wajid Khan Burki and their sons also top cricketer.

Gen Zia ul Haq 's father was living in a Hura as he was the Imam at Burkis Mosque at Basti Bawa Khel near Basti Daneshmandan.

I was born 1940 in Basti Nau and only my grand father Nawab Khan and Ahmed Hussan Khan uncle Shah Zaman Khan owned whole Basti Nau. Shah Zaman Khan lived in a house made of old small bricks like a fort near our Mosque.

( Written By Ather Khan Sahib )


Lahore - Financial Hub of Undivided India

I grew up in Jullundur City, .

 My father was a very powerful man in the then Lahore, the Financial Centre to the world. Yes, I am saying what I said. VERY powerful in the world of business and finance of course. 

Afghan Club (cricket) was of Imran Khan's uncle's before partition. Jahangir Khan? He was known as "Chirhimar" for his bowling ball killed a flying sparrow in cricket ground in England. 

Lahore was headquarter, mark the word, Headquarter to more than 100 banks, as many insurance companies, two (not just one) Stock Exchanges, Forward Exchanges, Rinks, and you go on and on and on

Jullundur was a complete town )

(  Ather Khan Sahib )


Ahmed Hassan Khan had three daughters -  Mubarak was married to Jahangir Khan, eldest to Lt. General Burki (Vice President of Pakistan) in General Ayub Khan Government in 1960's and Imran Khan mother was married out of Burki family to Niazi family.

 Last time I forgot to mention that Ahmed Hassan Khan brother Ahmed Hussain Khan known as Kabulia had also House about 200 meters from our family house and uncle Wazir Khan House was near our grave yard and next to grave yard was Basti Guzhan. Basti Sheikh, Basti Guzhan, Basti Shah Quli, Basti Daneshmandan, Basti Baba Khel mostly inhabited by Pathan Tribes.

Here are couple of links which I searched for our two sons who are Swedes like their mother to know their Ancestor. 

I used often hear in my childhood that Jullundur water is from heavenly stream and all born here are most honest people.

Links :-



( Ather Khan Sahib )


Great Burki Pathans of Jalandhar / Jullundur ( PM Imran Khan 's Maternal Ancestors )

According to a Burki historian, K. Hussain Zia, the Burki emigration from Kaniguram was prompted by a severe drought; "The elders decided that some people would have to leave in order for the others to survive. It was thus that 40 families bade farewell to Kaniguram. The entire population walked with them for some miles and watched from the top of a hill till they were out of sight."[55] These forty caravans would eventually arrive in Jalandhar, an area which the Burkis were already acquainted with previously, on account of their trading routes to India via the Grand Trunk Road.[55] In Jalandhar, the Burkis established fortified villages referred to as "bastis".[55]To preserve their ethnic identity and keep their Pashtun culture intact in India, they did not marry outside their tribe.[55]Khan's maternal family lived in twelve fortresses in an area in Jalandhar founded by the Burkis known as the Basti Pathan(lit. Pathan Colony). Khan's maternal grandfather, Ahmed Hasan Khan, was a civil servant and known to have hosted Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Founder of Pakistan, at Basti Pathan.[22] Until the 18th century, the Jalandhar Burkis retained ties and trading links with their kinsmen back in Kaniguram. However, these links were cut off following local instability duringSikh resistance against the Mughal Empire. As a result of this, the Jalandhar Burkis lost much of their language and cultural traits, adopting the Punjabi language.[55]

Credit / For More 


July 19, 2019

Oyo Hotels IPO in 2/3 Years ?

The buyback is a part of larger fund raise plan, including a public offering. Earlier this month, Mint reported that Oyo, India’s most valuable hotel chain, is preparing for an initial share sale in the next two-three years. “The buyback is thus a part of the plan to have SoftBank, the founder and one more investor," said Vivek Durai, founder of business signals platform Paper.vc. SoftBank is Oyo’s largest shareholder with over 45% stake.

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July 18, 2019

Buying Datson Lab,Kingfisher Air , C Mahendra , Essar Steel , Others


datson lab ---

kingfisher air ---

c mahendra---

origin agro---

Essar Steel---

many delisted ---unlisted share 


July 17, 2019

IT Reurns-2019- Too Many Cumbersome / Small Details

Modern Insulators -2018-19 Financials

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December 15, 2018

Modern Insulators 2017-18 Annual Report, Q2-2019 Results

2017-18 Annual Report


Q2-2019 Results


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August 15, 2018

Modern Insulators Q1-2019- Results

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July 13, 2017

Modern Insulators 2016-17-Results

Please visit Page 4 and 5 of PDF document


Important Note

Pursuant to the scheme of Amalgamation of Modern Terry Towels Limited with the Company approved by Hon'ble BIFR under the provision of Sick lndustrial Companies Act, 1985, entire business and all assets and liabilities or Modern Terry Towels Limited were transferred and got vested in the Company.

As a result of this merger Share Capital of Modern Insulators has gone up from Rs 21 cr 74 lakh to Rs 47 cr 14 lakh and  EPS has fallen from Rs 13 / 43 p to  Rs. 6 / 34 p , although the net profit is nearly unchanged around  29 cr.


No Trading is currently taking place in BSE where Modern Insulators is Listed because of  "Suspension due to Penal Reasons ) . PLEASE RECHECK THIS.


Selling kurlon Enterprises



FII Buying List in Q1-2020

July 14, 2019

B9 Beverages ( Bira 91 ) Raising Funds

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February 17, 2019

B9 Beverages ( Bira 91 Beer)- Message Received


In my next post I will post only financial number and comparison of last 2 years.( Message of Sender )

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February 20, 2019

B9 Beverages ( Bira 91 Beer ) Financials - 2016-2017

Blog Disclaimer : Message as Received

B9 beverages financial detail of profit & loss account, balance sheet and cash flow statement of 2016-2017

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February 21, 2019

For Bira Beverages 2016-17 ( Bira 91 Beer ) Annual Report Contact

Message Received- Blog Disclaimer : PleaseRecheck Independently


Any query mail me derivativelearn@gmail.com

Blog Disclaimer : Message as Received
                           Please Recheck All Details Independently


Blog Comments :

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July 13, 2019

4 th Industrial Revolution- Message Recived

Blog Disclaimer : Message as Received


You have an idea that in the coming 10 years, the world will change completely and 70 to 90% of the people running today will be closed.
Only an only reason 4th Industrial revolution
Talking to few example, Kotak sold and sold 85% of the world's photo papers, within few years , digital photography made them out of the market and entire staff came on the road. Few more well-known example here.

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July 12, 2019

BSE/NSE/MSEI-Interoperability wef 15/07/2019

This  will ensure the netting of transactions, wherever applicable, executed by clients in different exchanges through the same Trading Member.  

Due to these changes will be applicable in the product Intraday.Positions in product "Intraday" for the same scrip will be netted within NSE and BSE. For example, the Intraday 'buy' through NSE can be settled against Intraday 'sell' through BSE


What is interoperability ?

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Metropolitan Stock Exchange ( MSEI )

SEBI must ensure that Equity Trading Commences in Metropolitan Stock Exchange.

Ramgopal Polytex To Delist wef 18/07/2019

July 11, 2019

Selling CIAL ( Cochin International ) @ Rs.225

cial sell 500 - qty price 225/-


Nyara Energy ( Essar Oil ) Expansion Plans

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August 21, 2018

Nayara Energy ( Essar Oil ) Annual Report 2017-18

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August 03, 2018

Nayara Energy ( Essar Oil ) Debt Restructuring

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April 27, 2018

Essar Oil's New Name Nayara Energy ??


General Warning : Investment in Shares Can be Injurious to Your WEALT

Disclosure : The Blog writer in his / family names has  holdings in this Company So please make suitable " provisions " for any likely Over Optimism

NB :All information given in good faith. Please recheck every point before taking any investment decision. No responsibility with this Blog or Blog 

July 10, 2019

MNC s With 75% Promoter Holding May Delist

Cochin International Airport ( CIAL ) 2018-19- Good Results

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Dividend - 27 %

AGM -28 /09/2019 at Ernakulam

Blog : Please Recheck All Information


It appears some shares of Cochin International ( CIAL )are available with Dealers of Unlisted / Delisted Shares  (Please Recheck this ).


I just signed the petition "Nirmala Sitharaman: Withdraw LTCG & BUYBACK TAX #SAVE-EQUITYMARKETS" and wanted to see if you could help by adding your name.

Our goal is to reach 2,500 signatures and we need more support. You can read more and sign the petition here:



Dhruval Shah

Dhruval securities pvt Ltd 

433 titanium city centre mall near IOC petrol pump satellite ahmedabad 380015

(M)- 8000133721/9898150967

July 09, 2019

Dishonest / Unsatisfatory Deals Have No Room

Rare Indian Shares has Zero Tolerance for any Dishonest Dealing by any one. Be it a Share Dealer or an Investor.

Any  mala fide dealing causes us immense pain. 

Transactions are carried out through out the entire country , between Parties who are , many a time , thousands of kilometers away from each other.

 Transactions are  done on Good Faith.


 Any dishonest dealing would have  crippling effect on the Delisted Market. 

Investors are requested to exercise utmost caution , always and every time.