July 19, 2019

Oyo Hotels IPO in 2/3 Years ?

The buyback is a part of larger fund raise plan, including a public offering. Earlier this month, Mint reported that Oyo, India’s most valuable hotel chain, is preparing for an initial share sale in the next two-three years. “The buyback is thus a part of the plan to have SoftBank, the founder and one more investor," said Vivek Durai, founder of business signals platform Paper.vc. SoftBank is Oyo’s largest shareholder with over 45% stake.

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July 18, 2019

Buying Datson Lab,Kingfisher Air , C Mahendra , Essar Steel , Others


datson lab ---

kingfisher air ---

c mahendra---

origin agro---

Essar Steel---

many delisted ---unlisted share 


July 17, 2019

IT Reurns-2019- Yoo Many Cumbersome / Small Details

Modern Insulators -2018-19 Financials

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December 15, 2018

Modern Insulators 2017-18 Annual Report, Q2-2019 Results

2017-18 Annual Report


Q2-2019 Results


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August 15, 2018

Modern Insulators Q1-2019- Results

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July 13, 2017

Modern Insulators 2016-17-Results

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Important Note

Pursuant to the scheme of Amalgamation of Modern Terry Towels Limited with the Company approved by Hon'ble BIFR under the provision of Sick lndustrial Companies Act, 1985, entire business and all assets and liabilities or Modern Terry Towels Limited were transferred and got vested in the Company.

As a result of this merger Share Capital of Modern Insulators has gone up from Rs 21 cr 74 lakh to Rs 47 cr 14 lakh and  EPS has fallen from Rs 13 / 43 p to  Rs. 6 / 34 p , although the net profit is nearly unchanged around  29 cr.


No Trading is currently taking place in BSE where Modern Insulators is Listed because of  "Suspension due to Penal Reasons ) . PLEASE RECHECK THIS.


Selling kurlon Enterprises