June 25, 2015

Help Road Accident Victims Govt. Notification To Protect GOOD SAMARITANS

Go ahead, help an accident victim. Save a life and spread the word!

Government of India has issued the guidelines that protect Good Samaritans from legal and procedural hassles. You can find them here:
This is a big win for all of us! It is also a huge step in the direction of a Good Samaritan Law for India, which will provide additional legal backing for the effective implementation of these guidelines.
Until then, please carry this notification with your vehicle papers.
If someone still tries to intimidate or harass you for helping an injured person, write to me  ( Piyush Tiwari ) with complete details at piyush@savelifefoundation.org or send a whatsapp message to 0 9540 824 494.


June 24, 2015

10 Money Making Tips From Mukesh Ambani ( of Reliance Industries )

RBL Bank ( Ratnakar Bank ) Profit Doubles in 2014 -15 IPO Soon

Is  RBL IPO Rate around Rs. 400 /- ?? ( PLEASE RECHECK )

Please Click :-


As per Balance Sheet ( as on 31/03 / 15 ) -Please Recheck-

Share Capital Rs. : Rs. 293 cr 44 Lakh

Reserves  : Rs.1937 cr

RBL IPO @ Rs. 200/-

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The bank has already hired four investment banks, Kotak Mahindra Capital Co Ltd, Citigroup Inc, Standard Chartered Plc and Morgan Stanley, to manage the issue in which it is seeking to dilute 10% stake and raiseRs.1,200 crore, valuing the lender at Rs.12,000 crore.

Source / Credit


Thus ,IPO Price Works out to be around Rs. 400 Per Share ( PLEASE RECALCULATE )


Blog Disclaimer : Please Recheck All Facts / Figures Before Taking Any Investment Decision. We may have calculated wrongly 

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Digvijay Finlease Limited- Great Hidden Value ??

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October 30, 2018

Digvijay Finlease -Now in Demat- Good News



June 27, 2018

WhatsApp Group -Digvijay Finlease Shareholders


Naresh Gupta

mob no 9317842444 

Some share analysts have calculated the underlying value ( NAV ) of 1 share ( Rs. 10 paid ) of Digvijay Finlease to be Rs.40,000/- + ) . IMPORTANT PLEASE RECHECK THIS . PLEASE RECALCULATE INDEPENDENTLY.   NO RESPONSIBILITY WITH BLOG

September 06, 2017

Digvijay Finlease Withdraws Share Consolidation -PLEASE RECHECK

We received information from investors of Digvijay Finlease that they phoned the Regd. office at Kolkata and were informed that the Company has dropped its proposal for consolidation of Rs. 10 paid up share to Rs.1000.

We phoned at the Tel No   033-22130957 and talked to KK Thakur.

He confirmed that the Company has applied to NCLT withdrawing its petition .


Important Blog Disclaimers

1 ) Please RECHECK THIS independently.

2 ) Please do NOT take any Investment Decision based this information.

3 ) No Responsibility with this Blog / Blog Writer

If the news is really correct , we congratulate share Investors for their activism.  

September 02, 2017

Digvijay Finlease- Consolidation-Date Extended to 30/09/19 ( PLEASE RECHECK )

We have been receiving unconfirmed Reports ( WHICH PLEASE RECHECK ) that the last date for consolidation of 100 shares  Rs. 10 shares in to 1 share of Rs.1000 has been extended to 30/09/2017

We strongly recommend that all shareholders should form lots ( PER FOLIO ) of 100 shares of Rs. 10 each.

For fractions i.e. 1 to 99 shares of Rs. 10 each shareholders would get only Rs. 200 per share.

This is grossly unfair as the intrinsic value of one share of Rs. 10 has been worked out between Rs.30,000 to Rs. 40,000 per share.

Shareholders of Digvijay Finlease should oppose tooth and nail such anti small shareholder tactics.

including writing to ( as this is an Unlisted Company )

Ministry of Corporate Affairs,
'A' Wing, Shastri Bhawan, Rajendra Prasad Road, New Delhi, Delhi 110001

Shareholders should , also ,demand listing of Digvijay Finlease in NSE / BSE

In case shareholders are not in a position to have lots of 100 / folio then they should sell their fractions ( 1 to 99 ) in the Delisted Market to Dealers ,where they can get around Rs 600 ( please recheck )


Important : Please Recheck All Facts.

Please do not take any Investment Decision based on above analysis
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Blog Caution : Please Recheck All Information Before Taking Any Investment Decision


Digvijay Finlease was incorporated in 1992 under Registrar of Companies , Gujarat.

Current Head Office :-

21, Strand Road
Kolkata,  700 001

This is Head Quarters of Beni Gopal Bangur ( of Group of Shree Cement , NBI Industrial Finance , Others ).


Shree Cement was originally promoted by Shree Digvijay Cement Co. Limited. 

In 1983, Beawar ( Rajasthan ) Cement Licence was originally given by the Govt. to Shree Digvijay Cement.

Bangurs transferred it to a new Company- Shree Cement ( Name Shree from Shree Digvijay )

Shares of Digvijay Finlease were given to shareholders of Shree Digvijay Co.after transferring Shri Digvijay's Cements ' holding to it of its Shree Cement shares.


Transfer  of Shares Held by Shree Digvijay Cement Limited ( 1997 )

. A Scheme of arrangement by Shree Digvijay Cement Limited its four divisions was made between the Shree Digvijay Cement and Gujarat Composite Ltd. The Scheme was completed in 1997-98.GCL has allotted equity shares in GCL capital in the ration of 1 : 3 to the members of the company as per the scheme.

Further the Shree Digvijay Cement Limited has transferred the investment held in shares in other bodies corporate aggregating to Rs. 653.18 lacs to Digvijay Finlease Ltd. (DFL). In consideration DFL has allotted equity shares in DFL capital in the ratio of 1 : 2 to the member of the company. 



A Study of the Annual Report ( 2013-14 ) , Year Ending 31-03-2014 reveals :-

Share Capital Rs. 10 cr 44 lakh

Reserves        Rs.  59 cr

As on 31/03/2014  , the Balance Sheet states the Market worth of its Quoted Shares  as Rs .24,508,932,464  ( Rs. 2450 cr 89 lakh ) against book value of  Rs. 367,295,083 (  Rs. 36 cr 72 lakh ) 

There are Unquoted Holdings of Rs. 306,566,001 ( Rs. 30 cr  , 6 lakh )

Digvijay Finlease holds a large chunk of Shree Cement ,and

 NBI Industrial Finance Shares 2 ,35 ,539 shares of NBI( Please Recheck )

For NBI Industrial Finance ( earlier New Bank of India ), please click :-


( Please Recheck All Information / figures )

Download PDF document


Caution : Please Recheck All Information. No Responsibility With Blog / Writer


Blog Gratitude to S.Basu 



September 14, 2016

Digvijay Finlease Shareholders Demand Listing in BSE / NSE

Shareholders of Digvijay Finlease are demanding Listing in NSE / BSE and are taking up the issue with the Management and SEBI or payment of a fair price for their shares.

It appears shares of Digvijay Finlease were never Listed

For More ,please click :-




4AS ON 30.6.2001AS ON 31.3.2002INCR. 9 MTS (31.3.02)
5SN.FOLIO/Name of shareholderSHARES% of holdSHARES% of holdInc/ dec(-)% of
6BAC NOS.Nos.ingNos.ingagt 30.6.01incr/dec
9110022470Shri Benu Gopal Bangur5258211.51%5258211.51%0.00
10210023794Shri Hari Mohan Bangur5405001.55%5405001.55%0.00
11310023815Smt. Rajkamal Devi Bangur1474000.42%1474000.42%0.00
12410026194Shri Prasant Bangur757200.22%757200.22%0.00
14TOTAL - INDIVIDUALS12894413.70%12894413.70%00.00%
18110023430Digvijay Finlease Ltd.419500012.04%419500012.04%0.00
19210018484Shree Capital Services Ltd.21059456.05%23523296.75%2463840.71%
20310018514Sadasukhi Investments Ltd.20686595.94%21185076.08%498480.14%
21410018522Sabhisukhi Investments Ltd.17193824.94%17397714.99%203890.06%
22510018654Newa Investments Ltd.14190004.07%14190004.07%0.000.00
23610018442Ragini Finance Ltd.12520003.59%12520003.59%0.000.00
24710018573Didu Investments11540003.31%11540003.31%0.000.00
25810018645Manasi Finance Ltd.11300003.24%11300003.24%0.000.00
269CDSL-1911Rambha Investments Pvt. Ltd.9080002.61%9080002.61%0.000.00
271010023180NBI Industrial Finance Co. Ltd..8494502.44%8494502.44%0.000.00
28& 2348( IN PHYSICAL 450 SHARES)4500.00%4500.00%0.000.00
291110018598The Didwana Industrial Corp.Ltd.3274000.94%3274000.94%0.000.00
301210018604The Venktesh Company Limited3200000.92%3200000.92%0.000.00
311310018467GBF Investments (P) Ltd.921310.26%3681691.06%2760380.79%
321410021366Sulabh Vypar Limited691000.20%2557800.73%1866800.54%
331510018612Western India Comm. Co. Ltd.2206500.63%2206500.63%0.000.00
341610021737Tullika Investments Limited2200000.63%2200000.63%0.000.00
351710018475Ashish Exim Pvt. Limited1673300.48%2903100.83%1229800.35%
361810018493Pratigyan Capital Services Limited1712130.49%1810130.52%98000.03%
371910018629The Laxmi Salt Company Limited1126000.32%1126000.32%0.000.00
382010018637Khoobsurat Limited204000.06%205800.06%1800.00%
392110018459Indian Textiles Agency Limited28000.01%28000.01%0.000.00
402210023448Manakrishna Investments Ltd.00.00%147240.04%147240.04%
42TOTAL - BODY CORPORATES1852551053.18%1945253355.84%9270232.66%
44Total Promoters group1981495156.88%2074197459.54%9270232.66%
54Summary of Increase in holding of Promoters Bodies Corporates
55SNTotal incre.Name of Company
561115134Shree Capital Services Limited
57249848Sadasukhi Investments Ltd.
58320389Sabhisukhi Investments Ltd.
59460537GBF Investments (P) Ltd.
605186680Sulabh Vypar Limited
61673166Ashish Exim Pvt. Limited
6273800Pratigyan Capital Services Limited
63814724Manakrishna Investments Ltd.


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March 22, 2017

Digvijay Finlease- Consolidation of Shares-to Rs.1000

EGM Resolution Click + To Enlarge

Digvijay Finlease ( Unlisted ) is consolidating the Face Value of its share from Rs. 10 paid to Rs.1000.

100 shares of Rs. 10 = One share of Rs. 1000

All those share holders with Fractions would be paid @ Rs.200 for Rs. 10 share


This is a highly anti Non Promoter / Small Shareholder move which should be opposed by all Investors at every forum including Courts, SEBI, Investors Associations .

Digvijay Finlease is an Asset Laden Holding Company of Beni Gopal Bangur Group . It holds Promoters ' shares in Shree Cement , NBI Industrial Finance etc.



Shree Cement was originally promoted by Shree Digvijay Cement Co. Limited. 

Shares of Digvijay Finlease were given to shareholders of Shree Digvijay Co.after transferring Shri Digvijay's holding to it of Shree Cement shares.

Digvijay Finlease 's NAV has been calculated , by some to be above Rss.25,000 / Rs. 10 share ( PLEASE RECALCULATE INDEPENDENTLY ) 
Digvijay Finlease 's fellow Holding Company NBI Industrial Finance has ,  recently , Relisted at NSE and its CMP is Rs.4500.

It is very sad that when Sheholders of Digvijay Finlease were demanding Listing in NSE / BSE , Promoters have chosen this cheap tactic to deprive small shareholders of their shares at a minuscule fraction of the True Worth ( NAV )

Consolidation of Face Value to a Higher Denomination SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE.

This Cheap / Anti Small Holder Tactic was earlier used by

Binani Metals 

Recently , by Rasoi Limited

please . also , click


PLEASE RECHECK All Information Before Taking Any Investment Decision.


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Digvijay Finlease- Were Shares Allotted to Promoters in 1998 ? - Message Received- Please Recheck

 Blog Disclaimer- Message Received From an Investor - Please Recheck - No Responsibility With Blog


In 1998 dfl Capital was around 4cr and at present 11.44cr

And capital is raised on preferential base/rights and they have not allotted any additional share to the share holder

Only promoters share holding has risen

Because of this general public share holder is in minority and promoters stake is risen

The change in capital from 4cr to 11.44cr they have not shown in balance sheet.


Blog Message 

1) Public Shareholders of Unlisted Companies , please email your Offers / Bids , along with your contact details to :-


These would be published Free of Cost .


June 23, 2015

Currency Notes - Pre 2005 - Exchange Before 30 th June 2015

Currency Notes of Pre 2005 can be identified by Non Mention  of Year of Print ( on the reverse side of the Note ).




November 09, 2016

What to do Now ?- Old Notes Demonetised -Must Read ET Link

Please Click the Link for Very Important Guidance :-




In short :-

1 ) Deposit all old notes ( WITHOUT ANY LIMIT )in your Bank account /Post Office account. - Get full credit . Write cheques, buy drafts , make NEFT etc  (  BUT  the cash would come in to the Banking system with your KYC - PAN / Aadhar )

2 ) Exchange of old notes for new / valid notes would be only for Rs.4000  

for more , please click :-



How our New Rs. 500 and Rs. 2000 Notes look .

Rs. 500


Rs. 2000