July 30, 2010

Benares Hotels Limited

Incorporated in 1971 , Benares Hotels Limited saw collaboration between the Tata group 's Taj Hotels and the Royal family of Benares  to set up a Five Star Hotel in the Nadesar Palace Varanasi.

Chairman : Dr. Anant Narain Singh
Directors :
Raymond N Bickson
Rukmani Devi
AR Gandhi
BL Passi
P Sanker
PK Mohankumar
Deepa Misra Harris

Benares Hotels Limited operates :-

The Gateway Hotel Ganges  Varanasi which has 130 luxurious rooms and suites .

The historical Nadesar Palace  which has 10 super luxurious suites . Each is named after the celebrity who stayed there. It was built by East India Company and later bought by the Benares Naresh.

 Financials - as on 31-03-2010

Share Capital : Rs. 1 cr 30 lakh ( shares of Rs. 10 each )
Reserves  Rs.23 cr 62 lakh
Net Profit : Rs. 3 cr. 77 lakh
Net Worth Per Share : Rs. 192
EPS: Rs. 29
Dividend : 130 %

Listed : BSE : DSE ; UP Stock Exchange Kanpur

Liquidity : Moderate ( Daily Quotation Available ).
Promoters hold around 62 % equity

CMP :Rs.500

Shares of Benares Hotels Limited means shares in Royal Palaces 


For History of Nadesar Palace, please click :-


General Warning : Investment in Shares Can be Injurious to Your WEALTH

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July 29, 2010

DPSC Limited ( New Name India Power Corporation Limited )

DPSC Limited was incorporated in 1919 as Dishergarh Power Supply Company primarily to supply power to The Bengal Coal Company Limited of the Andrew Yule Group in the Asansol - Raniganj coal belt of West Bengal.

Andew Yule And Co.Ltd. is , now ,a Govt.owned company ( 98.62 % shares with Govt.of India ).Under a reorganisation plan to pay off loss making Andrew Yule's liabilities , Andrew Yule and other major shareholders decided to divest controlling stake ( 57.17 % ) in DPSC.

The stake was picked up ( Share Purchase Agreement ), in January 2010 @ Rs.710 per share by Kolkata based Kanorias of Srei (Shri Radhkrishna Export Industries Limited ).An offer of buy back @ Rs, 710 was made to non promoter share holders in April 2010  .Promoters now hold 93 % of equity.

The free float of shares  has, thus ,been greatly been reduced , thus ,   making DPSC Limited a rare share.

Registered Office :
Sector V ,
Salt Lake City ,
Kolkata -700091
(Tel 033-23574308)

Apart from an extensive distribution network DPSC Limited has two power generating plants at Dishergarh ( 30 MW ) and Chinakuri (12 MW ) both in Burdwan Disstrict.

Financial Highlights

As on 31-03-2009,

Share Capital:: Rs.4 cr 24 lakh
Reserves Rs. 87 cr 14 lakh
Net profit (08-09) Rs. 7 cr 57 lakh
EPS (08-09): Rs. 17.88 p

Listing :CSE ; NSE

Liquidity : Reasonably Liquid (Daily Quotation Available )

After Split to Re 1 and a Bonus Issue of 22 Shares For One Held ( Please recheck )



DPSC is amalgamating with it another company India Power Company Limited by issuing its 1,120,275,823 shares of Re. 1 each to India Power `s shareholders
General Warning : Investment in Shares Can be Injurious to Your WEALTH

Disclosure : The Blog writer in his / family names has  holdings in this Company. So please make suitable " provisions " for any likely Over Optimism

NB :All information given in good faith. Please recheck every point before taking any investment decision. No responsibility with this Blog or Blog Writer

July 28, 2010

Lotte India Corporation Limited

ISIN :  INE 185A01011


Originally promoted as Parry Confectionery Limited ( 1914 ) it set up its sweets confectionery factory at Nellikuppam in Cuddalore District of Tamil Nadu.

With India joining WTO and globalization , in 2004 , Murugappa ( EID Parry - Tube Investments) group sold their controlling stake to the renowned South Korean confectionery Multinational "LOTTE " which  had been  set up by the legendary South Korean entrepreneur Shin Kyuk Ho.Lotte is present in around 70 countries and has a turnover of around $ 1billion


Chairman :Yong Tack Kim
Managing Director : Myung Ki Min
Director : DG Rajan

Registered Office: No. 4 / 111, Mount Poonamallee Road , Manapakkam , Chennai- 600006

After a Reverse Book Building process the share was delisted w.e.f. 24-07-09. The discovered price was Rs. 540 /-

The Promoters ,Lotte Confectionery Co. Limited South Korea came to own 95.88 % of  equity.

For the Year ending 31-03-10 ,S ales Rs. 197 Crore , Gross Profit Rs. 10 cr and net profit around Rs. 2 .5 Cr
In the Previous year  Sales Rs. 183 cr; Gross Profit Rs. 6.1 Cr ,Net Loss Rs. 2.1 cr

Share Capital : Rs. 3 cr. 77  Lakh ( Now Rs. 9 Cr 56 Lakh )
Reserves Rs. 38 cr 87 Lakh


Status : Delisted

No.of Shareholders : around 2785 ( holding 4.12 % of equity shares )

With dominant market share comprising of products like "Lotte Coffy Bite " "Lotte Choco Pie "  ,being-part of the renowned Lotte group and a robustly growing Indian market Lotte India Corporation Limited has a very bright future.





Financial Year Ended 31-12-2010

Financial Year Changed to end 31 December in order to be in line with the parent company.

Lotte Foods India Private Limited amalgamated with  Lotte India Corporation Limited . As a result share capital rises to Rs. 9 cr.56 lakh.

For 9 months ending 31-12-10

Sales Rs. 155 crore
Gross Profit : Rs. 10 . 20 cr
Profit Before Tax Rs. 56 lakh
Net Loss Rs. 6 crore 17 lakh.
Dividend : NIL


Lotte India Corporation - Turns Profitable

Delisted confectionery company Lotte India Corp ( formerly Parry Confectionery ) 
Provisional Figures for 9 Months ended 30-09-12
Sales  :Rs.230 Crore
Profit Before Tax  Rs. 6 / 50 Crore
98 : 37 % of the Capital is held by Lotte Confectionery Co. Limited of South Korea.: 

Lotte India Corporation Ltd - Annual Report ( Ending 31-12-12 )

Lotte India is   delisted  ( Promoter Holding 98 : 37 % )

Financials  - 01-01-12 to 31- 12-12

Sales- Rs. 319 Crore

Gross Profit : Rs. 23 cr 89 lakh

 After depreciation, Interest : Rs. 8 cr 37 lakh

Net Profit : Rs. 6 cr 66 lakh

EPS : Rs. 6 : 97 paise

Dividend : Nil

As on 31-12-1012

Share Capital : Rs. 9 cr 56 lakh

Reserves : Rs. 442 cr 38 lakh

Face Value Per Share :Rs.10

AGM : 14 - 06 - 2013  at Chennai


Lotte India Corporation - 31/12/2014 - Financial Results

For Year Ended 31 /12 /2014

Gross Sales : Rs. 374 cr

Gross Profit : Rs. 20 cr 61 lakh

Profit Before Tax : Rs.2 cr 72 lakh

Net Profit ( after Tax )

Re 1 cr 31 lakh

EPS : Re 1 /37 paise

Dividend : Nil

Promoter Holding : 98: 38 %

AGM  ( 60th ) : 22/06/2015 at Chennai

Lotte India - Annual Report Year Ending 31/12/2014 Please Click :-


General Warning : Investment in Shares Can be Injurious to Your WEALTH

Disclosure : The Blog writer in his / family names has  holdings in this Company. So please make suitable " provisions " for any likely Over Optimism

NB :All information given in good faith. Please recheck every point before taking any investment decision. No responsibility with this Blog or Blog Writer

July 04, 2010

Bharat Commerce And Industries Limited



 Bharat Commerce And Industries Limited belongs to the renowned Basant Kumar Birla Group ( Century  Kesoram ; ECE , Jayshree Tea Etc ). BK Birla is father of Late Aditya Birla and Grand father of Kumar Mangalam Birla ( AB Birla Group - Hinadalco , Grasim AB Birla Nuvo etc)

Bharat Commerce And Industries Limited was originally incorporated as Bharat Airways Limited. Its airline business was nationalised and probably became Indian Airlines ( like Tata Airways became Air India).

Bharat Commerce diversified in to yarn spinning and private helicopters and crop spraying air planes.  Its large capacity yarn units came up at Nagda ( MP )  , Rajpura ( Punjab ) and other places.

Address Not Known

Some time back its Registered address was at Barakhmba Road , New Delhi . Later , it seems it shifted to Nagda ( MP ).But Speed Post letters  containing share transfer documents, sent to these addresses have come back undelivered by postal authorities

Fellow Investors' Help Sought

Fellow investors Please help in locating Registered Office address of Bharat Commerce And Industries Limited and guide about its present financial health. No Annual Reports. All contact lost  .  SOS

BK Birla Group And AB Birla Group's help , also , solicited

Contact Blog writer :

email : akaj188@gmail.com

Tel : 0181-6541930


Bharat Comm reg offc

Nagda - 456331 - Madhya Pradesh
Tel. 91-07366-47871
Fax. 91-07366-44251

For further details and buy and sell offers contact Dharawat on 08108303330 or email dharawat1@gmail.com


We are most grateful to Mr. Dharawat . We , also, have some blank ( un transferred shares ) of Bharat Commerce ( One pre 1947 Share certificate giving the name as Bharat Airways ). Bharat Airways 's civil aviation business became Indian Airlines ( Indian Airlines later merged in to Air India ( Air India was Tata Airways before nationalisation . And what has become of Air India today. In 1948 it was Tata Airways planes which were pressed in to service to ferry Indian troops to rescue Kashmir Valley  from the Tribal / Pakistan  invasion )

Regarding Bharat Commerce , at the time of the recent  ECE Industries Limited 's Rights Issue we took up the matter with ECE limited as to why Bharat Commerce was not mentioned in the Risks in the Letter of Offer of ECE. Both had their registered offices at Kasturba Gandhi Marg  , New Delhi  The ECE officers denied any link with Bharat Commerce. Similarly , Kesoram Textiles ( Kolkata ) pleaded its inability to give us the address of Bharat Commerce.  To the best of our knowledge both were of Basant Kumar Birla group ( Kesoram / Century ) and most probably , after succession , become part of Kumar Mangalam Birla ( Grasim / Hindalco ).

 About 10 -15 years ago , there was labour trouble in the Mills of Bharat Commerce. It had mills at many locations  including  Rajpura , Thane Nagda. Some units were sold. But why no attempt was made rescue the Company or merge it with Kesoram / Century remains a mystery.

In my childhood ,mid 1960 s  when we were at Rajpura  ( Punjab )  , the daily routine of the residents of Rajpura was guided by the " ghughoo " ( Factory's Sirens ) of the "Dhaga Mill " ( Yarn Mill ) of the then blue chip Bharat Commerce And Industries Limited .

Today the " Dhaga Mill  " of Rajpura is history.

( In this age of Demat , we , also , miss the old share certificates . Some were very graphic and interesting . We loved to read the history of previous share holders given on the reverse. How lovingly we touched the certificates  in gratitude when ever their rates shot up. )

Ashwani Kumar Aggarwal

Please also visit the link :-


The fact that Bharat Commerce And Industries belonged to the Basant Kumar Birla group is confirmed by this fact sheet of the popular share portal money.control.com ;


The shareholders of Bharat Commerce And Industries should demand the merger of Bharat Commerce with either Kesoram or Century ( and even with Grasim )

Please , also , read ( especially the last para ) of this 2001 Business Standard Report :-



July 23, 2011

Bharat Commerce - Wound Up - Update by Satyakam Mishra

Dear Mr. Aggarwal

As per the records of Office Of Official Liquidator, Indore, petition 12/04 was filed for compulsory winding up of M/s. Bharat Commerce & Industries Ltd. Nagda dated 11/07/2005 which has already been granted.

Quoting a 2001 report in 2011, I found that little comical.

Satyakam Mishra



Montari Chem Care Investments Limited


 Registered Address and whereabouts required of


Montari Chem care Investments Limited was originally a subsidiary of the world renowned Indian Company : Ranbaxy Laboratories Limited. In 1990 shares of Montari Chem Care Investments Limited were offered ( for sale on pro rata basis ) to the existing share holders of Ranbaxy. The Registered Address given on the face of the Share certificate is

 NEW DELHI-110011.


But documents sent ( for transfer of shares ) at this address were returned by postal authorities. No Annual Report or Dividend.

Please help a fellow share investor  by locating this Company ' ( of the renowned Ranbaxy group ) address and any idea of its( financial ) health.

Email the blog writer


Tel .0181-6541930

( Shares of Cheminvest Limited were  , also , offered simultaneously , to Ranbaxy share holders ) . Cheminvest Limited  is , now , one of promoter  companies of Max India Limited .

In case of Cheminvest the situation is some what better. Although no annual reports , its address is known.)