May 26, 2024

Ramaraju Surgical Cotton Mills -2023-2024 Results

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May 25, 2024

Beware of fraudulent investment schemes/apps promising unrealistic returns

SEBI has been receiving complaints from investors/intermediaries about fraudulent trading activities in the name of prominent SEBI registered financial institutions.

Generally, impersonators carry out their fraudulent activities/schemes via social media platforms and messaging apps, such as Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. These impersonators make enticing promises of guaranteed high returns to lure the investors. Investors, believing they are dealing with legitimate registered intermediaries, download the app and invest through it. However, these investments never actually occur on the Stock Exchanges/Depository. When investors try to withdraw substantial value of securities, the application suddenly becomes nonfunctional.

Therefore, investors are advised to stay away from such fraudulent investment schemes/apps promising unrealistic returns. Investors are also advised to refer the following link of CDSL website in order to verify the details of registered Depository Participants (DPs) of CDSL:

Further, some of the DPs provide online services to investors related to demat accounts such as online account opening, online holding/transactions statements etc.. If your DP is providing various depository related services in online mode, you may also avail online closure facility from your DP.

Please note that any official communication of CDSL is made only through its official website and its official social media handles - Facebook: @cdslindia, Instagram: @cdslindia, Koo: @cdslindia, LinkedIn: @cdslindia, X (Formerly known as twitter): @cdslindia, YouTube: @CDSLIndiaLtd for latest updates.

Investors are requested to take note of the same and verify the information.


CDSL Investor Protection Fund


Frick India's Spectacular 2023-2024 Resuls- EPS Rs 705 / 42 P

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Hyundai Motor India Coming with India's Biggest IPO -- Around Rs 20,000 cr

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Flipkart - Current Valuation $ 36 Billion

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1 Billion Dollars = Rs. 8500 crore

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