June 17, 2009

NBI Industrial Finance Limited ( New Bank of India )

November 23, 2016

New Bank of India history

NBI Industrial Finance Limited was originally incorporated in Lahore in 1936 as The New Bank of India Limited. Dr. Ganeshi Lal Aggarwal and Mr M.R. Kohli ( Managing Director ) were the original promoters.


This bank was founded on 21 /12/ 1936 in Lahore. 
in the name of "The New Bank Limited" under the Companies Act, 1913. The name of the company was subsequently changed to "The New Bank of India Limited" with effect from 4th November, 1941.

The registered office was moved to Amritsar in 1947[1], an after-effect of partition.

Dr Ganeshi Lal Aggarwal, M. R. Kohli, Mulk Raj Aggarwal, Amolak Ram Suri, Jhabar Mal Chokhani, and Rai Sahi Lala Labha Ram were the early directors of this bank. Almost the same set of people also promoted Jupiter Investment Trust[3], from the same address — Sunlight Buildings, Mall, Lahore. [2] Jupiter Investment Trust’s HO was also moved to Amritsar in 1947, and in 1956 to Delhi.

After 1947 the Registered office was shifted to Amritsar in 1947 and to New Delhi in 1956 .


. To provide for the losses due to partition the face value of the share was reduced from Rs. 25 to Rs. 5 . ( please recheck this ) 

New / Current Promoters Benu Gopal Bangur group.

In 1980, The New Bank of India Ltd. was nationalised. Most of the non promoter shareholders took cash compensation.

Name changed from New Bank of India to NBI Industrial Finance wef 
May 26, 1981


September 07, 2016

NBI Industrial Finance Annual Report 2014-15 , Contact Details , Website

NBI Industrial Finance Limited

ISIN No. INE365I01012

Address :-21 , Strand Road, Kolkata

email :-nbifinance@ymail.com

Phones :  033-22309601-04

Fax : 033-22131650

80 th Annual Report 2014 -15 ( Old )

Please read for massive investments in shares ( especially Shree Cement Limited ) and very undervalued Book Value 

page no. 24 , 32 , 33



NBI Industrial Finance Limited ,

Strand Road,
Tel : 033 - 2230-7905
email : nbifinance@ymail.com


Maheshwari Datamatics PVT. LTD,


Board of Directors ( Annual Report 2014 -2015 )

Ashok Bhandari

Riya Puja Jain

RN Mundhra

BL Surana

BL Gaggar


Manager and Chief Financial Officer

SP Kumar

NBI Industrial Finance 

The Registered Office of NBI Industrial Finance was shifted from Connaught Place, New Delhi to Strand Road , Kolkata. The share's face value was consolidated to Rs. 10.

Share Capital : Rs. 1 cr 12 lakh

Reserves : Around Rs.11 cr

 NBI Industrial Finance Company is , now , the investment holding Company of Bangurs ( Benu Gopal Bangur of Shree Cement group ). They were the promoters of New Bank of India at the time of nationalisation. As the Company has holding of Shree Cement Ltd. it is expected that the market worth of its holdings is many times the book value . It holds , inter alia , around 8 lakh 50,000 shares of Shree Cement ( Book Value around Rs. 2 Crore 40 lakh ).

The Executive Chairman of Shree Cement Limited Benu Gopal Bangur is Chairman NBI Industrial Finance. Other associate companies of BG Bangur include The Didwana Industrial Corporation Limited ;Khemka Properties Pvt Limited ; Digvijay Finlease Limited etc.

There have been numerous complaints among share holders of non receipt of Annual Report.

As per Annual Report 2014 -2015  of NBI Industrial Finance ( Page 24 of the Annual Report ) 

Share Capital = Rs. 1 cr 29 Lakh ( 12 : 29 Lakh shares of Rs. 10 each )

Reserves        = Rs. 218 cr 32 Lakh

 1 ) Official  Book Value per Share = Rs. 1921 / 75 p


June 17, 2009

NBI Industrial Finance Limited ( New Bank of India )



September 24, 2015

NBI Finance- Real NAV 1 Share = Rs.9500 ?? ( Please Study )

Caution : Please Re Calculate / Recheck.

Please do not take any Investment Decision based on this analysis


As per Annual Report 2014 -2015  of NBI Industrial Finance ( Page 24 of the Annual Report )

Share Capital = Rs. 1 cr 29 Lakh ( 12 : 29 Lakh shares of Rs. 10 each )

Reserves        = Rs. 218 cr 32 Lakh

 1 ) Official  Book Value per Share = Rs. 1921 / 75 p

  Underlying ( Hidden Values )

 2 ) Page 33 - Long Term Investments

Aggregate Market Value of Quoted Investments ( including 849450 shares of Shree Cement Limited  )

= Rs.921 cr 83 Lakh

Less Book Value ( already accounted in our analysis )

= Rs.6 cr 79 Lakh

Net Hidden worth =  Rs. 915 cr 04 Lakh

Per Share =  Rs. 7445 / 40 p per share

3 ) Page   34 - Current ( Short Term ) Investments

Aggregate Market Value of Quoted Investments  Rs. 8 cr 38 Lakh

Less Book Value ( already accounted in our analysis ) Rs. 2 cr 17 Lakh

Net Hidden Worth  Rs. 6 cr 16 Lakh

Per Share = Rs. 50 / 12 p

Grand Total

1 ) Rs.1921 / 75 p
2 )  Rs. 7445 /40 p
3 ) Rs. 50 /12 p

Rs.9417 / 27 p PER SHARE


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NBI Industrial Finance - Dissemination Board of BSE / NSE

1 ) As  Delhi Stock Exchange stands  de recognised ,

shares of NBI IndustrialLimited should  soon be 


2 ) SEBI has further directed that DISSEMINATION BOARD is 

only a temporary step.

 Such Companies either officially DELIST or RELIST in


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August 22, 2016

NBI Industrial Relisting at NSE ( Please Recheck )

A telephone call made at the Registered Office ,  at Kolkata ,  of NBI Industrial Finance  , the following information was given ( Please Recheck independently )

NBI Industrial Finance has made an application for Relisting at NSE. This application has not yet been accepted by NSE .

The AGM would be held in September and Annual Reports to Shareholders have not yet been dispatched.


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Earlier Post s


Financial Highlights of NBI Industrial Finance - 2014


Gross Profit : Rs. 4 cr 30 Lakh

Net Profit : Rs. 3 cr 85 Lakh

EPS  = Rs. 31 / 33 p

Dividend - NIL




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4AS ON 30.6.2001AS ON 31.3.2002INCR. 9 MTS (31.3.02)
5SN.FOLIO/Name of shareholderSHARES% of holdSHARES% of holdInc/ dec(-)% of
6BAC NOS.Nos.ingNos.ingagt 30.6.01incr/dec
9110022470Shri Benu Gopal Bangur5258211.51%5258211.51%0.00
10210023794Shri Hari Mohan Bangur5405001.55%5405001.55%0.00
11310023815Smt. Rajkamal Devi Bangur1474000.42%1474000.42%0.00
12410026194Shri Prasant Bangur757200.22%757200.22%0.00
14TOTAL - INDIVIDUALS12894413.70%12894413.70%00.00%
18110023430Digvijay Finlease Ltd.419500012.04%419500012.04%0.00
19210018484Shree Capital Services Ltd.21059456.05%23523296.75%2463840.71%
20310018514Sadasukhi Investments Ltd.20686595.94%21185076.08%498480.14%
21410018522Sabhisukhi Investments Ltd.17193824.94%17397714.99%203890.06%
22510018654Newa Investments Ltd.14190004.07%14190004.07%0.000.00
23610018442Ragini Finance Ltd.12520003.59%12520003.59%0.000.00
24710018573Didu Investments11540003.31%11540003.31%0.000.00
25810018645Manasi Finance Ltd.11300003.24%11300003.24%0.000.00
269CDSL-1911Rambha Investments Pvt. Ltd.9080002.61%9080002.61%0.000.00
271010023180NBI Industrial Finance Co. Ltd..8494502.44%8494502.44%0.000.00
28& 2348( IN PHYSICAL 450 SHARES)4500.00%4500.00%0.000.00
291110018598The Didwana Industrial Corp.Ltd.3274000.94%3274000.94%0.000.00
301210018604The Venktesh Company Limited3200000.92%3200000.92%0.000.00
311310018467GBF Investments (P) Ltd.921310.26%3681691.06%2760380.79%
321410021366Sulabh Vypar Limited691000.20%2557800.73%1866800.54%
331510018612Western India Comm. Co. Ltd.2206500.63%2206500.63%0.000.00
341610021737Tullika Investments Limited2200000.63%2200000.63%0.000.00
351710018475Ashish Exim Pvt. Limited1673300.48%2903100.83%1229800.35%
361810018493Pratigyan Capital Services Limited1712130.49%1810130.52%98000.03%
371910018629The Laxmi Salt Company Limited1126000.32%1126000.32%0.000.00
382010018637Khoobsurat Limited204000.06%205800.06%1800.00%
392110018459Indian Textiles Agency Limited28000.01%28000.01%0.000.00
402210023448Manakrishna Investments Ltd.00.00%147240.04%147240.04%
42TOTAL - BODY CORPORATES1852551053.18%1945253355.84%9270232.66%
44Total Promoters group1981495156.88%2074197459.54%9270232.66%
54Summary of Increase in holding of Promoters Bodies Corporates
55SNTotal incre.Name of Company
561115134Shree Capital Services Limited
57249848Sadasukhi Investments Ltd.
58320389Sabhisukhi Investments Ltd.
59460537GBF Investments (P) Ltd.
605186680Sulabh Vypar Limited
61673166Ashish Exim Pvt. Limited
6273800Pratigyan Capital Services Limited
63814724Manakrishna Investments Ltd.

Status : Illiquid

NBI Industrial Finance Limited ' shares should be listed on the BSE 





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  General Warning : Investment in Shares Can be Injurious to Your  WEALTH 

Caution :The blog writer has personal/ family members' holdings in this Company, so please make suitable "provisions " for likely over optimism

( NB : All information given in good faith. Please recheck all facts. No responsibility taken by this author / blog . )


Ghoshi said...

The company representative says they are willing to pay Rs.30/- per share. The company does send Annual Reports and no dividends have been declared by them. Where is the value my friend?

Ghoshi said...

Sorry my previous post should read as 'does not send Annual Reports' instead of 'does send Annual Reports.

Ashwani Kumar Aggarwal said...

Let us act unitedly. We wish a volunteer from Kolkata comes forward. He should inter act with the Company. We can give our proxies to him.

Let us approach Company Law Board etc.

We should expose all inappropriate trade practices.

lalit53 said...

Please do some thing. My proxy is with you.
Lalit Agrawal

Anonymous said...

Yes, the company does not send the annual report now. Its a ploy used by these companies to make the shareholders forget the company exists. Out of sight out of mind. shareholders start assuming that the company has gone bust or dead, and then the company will engage unscrupulous brokers to buy off these shares at the fraction of their intrinsic value.

Anonymous said...

No balance or balance sheet for at lest for the last 10 years. We can expect that the CEO will be a room mate of LALU in the near future.

A Share holder.

Anonymous said...

Hi! Guys i have some few shares of NBI, what is the best way to sell them so i get a good price? Please advise thanks

Ashwani Kumar Aggarwal said...

It is matter of great pride for me that Late Dr. Ganeshi Lal Aggarwal ,founder of New Bank of India , was father-in-law of my maternal uncle ( real Mamaji ) Dewan Brij Kumar IFS ,Former Ambassador of India.