September 16, 2009

Sir Shadilal Enterprises Limited

Registered Office : 4-A, Hansalaya, 15, Barakhamba Road , New Delhi- 110001

Chairman : Onke Aggarwal, Managing Director : Rajat Lal

Sir Shadilal Enterprises Limited was established in 1933 as The Upper Doab Sugar Mills Limited.

At present Sir Shadilal Enterprises Limited has 4 manufacturing units viz

Sugar Mills at Shamli ( Distt. Muzaffarnagar ) UP
Unn ( Distt. Muzaffarnagar ) UP

Distillery Units :
Shamli ( Distt. Muzaffarnagar)UP
Pilkhani ( Distt. Saharanpur ) UP

Share Capital : Rs. 5.25 Crore, Reserves ( 31-09-09 ) 67 Crore. ( Loan Funds Rs.240 Crore ).

Turnover for the year ended 31-03-09 Rs. 413 crore. Profit before Depreciation & Tax was Rs. 16 crore and after providing or Rs. 16.5 crore depreciation and Deferred Tax etc the net loss was 5.7 crore.

The noteworthy features are :-

Recently Sir Shadilal Enterprises Limited ,on cash basis , the entire sugar plant of Monnet Sugar Limited's at Unn ( UP ).This was achieved without effecting any increase in the share capital of Sir Shadilal Enterprises Limited . The acquisition cost was met by loans / internal accruals.

The timing of the new acquisition could not have been better. Sugar industry prospects have increased very significantly in the recent past.

For the First Quarter, ending June 2009 Sales were Rs. 134 crore and Net Profit Rs. 5.8 crore . For the First Quarter ending June 2008 Sales were Rs. 48 crore and Loss Rs. 13.5 crore. indicating a very significant turn around in the current year.

Sir Shadilal Enterprises Limited has entered in to an agreement with United Spirits Limited for bottling their IMFL Brands at its Pilkhani Distillery.

The share is listed at Delhi Stock Exchange and BSE. It is fairly liquid at BSE ( traded daily ) and the closing quotation on 15-09-09 was around Rs. 140 ( for Rs. 10 paid share)

No.of Shareholders : around 2200

Caution :The blog writer has personal/ family members' holdings in this company ,so please make suitable "provisions " for likely over optimism .

( All comments / facts given in good faith. Please recheck all points before taking any investment decision. No responsibility with this blog / writer )

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