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Bennett , Coleman And Company Limited

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Bennett Coleman Group -Cross Holdings Web

February 09, 2016

Bennett Coleman And Company

Registered Office :-

Dr. Dadabhai Naoroji Road

Bennett , Coleman And Company Limited was incorporated in 1892 by partners  Thomas .J. Bennett (  Then editor : The Times of India ) F.M. Coleman . In 1946 the company was acquired by the legendary industrialist Ram Krishan Dalmia . In 1948  , Ram Krishan Dalmia sold out the company to  the present group ,his son- in -law , Sahu Shanti Prasad Jain.

Chairperson: Mrs. Indu Jain

Samir Jain and Vineet Jain are  the present executive Heads of the renowned Sahu Jain Group.

Like Pallonji Mistry of Forbes Gokak group , Jains . also . maintain a low profile . But in  the fields of assets and wealth creation Bennett Coleman group like Forbes group are Indian corporate sector's JUGGERNAUTS.

To the best of our knowledge  ( please recheck ) as per the year ended 2007 , Bennett , Coleman And Company Limited had a Share Capital of around Rs. 32 cr. ( Face value per Share - Rs. 10 /-
) and
General Reserves of Rs.3400 cr. , Sales Rs.3300 cr and net profit Rs. 600 cr.

( Out of Equity of around Rs. 32 cr , around Rs. 30 cr is bonus issues )

On 31-07-2009

Share Capital : Rs. 32 cr
Reserves Rs. 4467 cr.

For the Year Ended 31- 07-2009

Profit Before Tax : Rs. 476 cr
Profit After Tax : Rs. 263 cr.
Dividend : 6 %

On 31-03-2010

Share Capital : Rs.32 cr
Reserves : Rs. 4716 cr 84 lakh

Financial Year Ended 31-03-2010 ( for 8 months from 01-08 -09 to 31-03-10 )

Profit Before Tax : Rs. 574 cr.
Profit After Tax ; Rs. 387 cr
Dividend : 6 %

Bennett Coleman is the leader in print media ( the renowned Times of India group ) , . It , also , has dominant position in electronic media  ( Times Today  Channel - in collaboration with Reuters, Business Channel ET Now  and Radio Mirchi ). Bennett , Coleman could well be India largest Dot Com ( Internet sites  ) player , triad of Print media ; Electronic Media and Internet Media

Bennett’s flagship brand,The Times of India, is now the largest-selling English broadsheet newspaper in the world (Source: ABC JJ04, JD04).

Bennett Coleman is , also , a massive financial Investment Company .Its share holdings in  subsidiary companies ( around 59 in number ) and investment holdings ( it is the second major shareholder in HDFC Bank ) are unparalleled in the Indian Corporate sector. Benentt is , also, a Venture Capital Investment giant ( e.g. investments in HCC promoted Lavasa ) 

For further study,please consider the following :

It has been worked out  by some analysts that NAV one share  ( Rs. 10 /- paid up ) of Bennett Coleman And Company is around Re One Lakh .( Please recalculate independently )

Bennett , Coleman  And Company Limited , apart from its No. 1 leadership presence  in newspapers ( Times of India group ) is , also , a massive Investment Holding Company. Apart from direct investments  ( it is the second biggest share holder in HDFC Bank with around 5 % holding ) and private treaties with leading companies where it accepted shares in lieu of services like advertising   . Bennett , Coleman And Co. Limited has around 59 subsidiaries .This gigantic asset holdings is unparalleled  in the Indian Corporate Sector.

Bennett , Coleman And Company Limited 's subsidiaries .:-

     1   Dharmayug Investments Limited,
  1. Satyam Properties And Finance Ltd.,
  2. Rajdhani Printers Ltd.,
  3. Surge Enterprises Ltd.,
  4. Banhem Estates And I T Parks Ltd.,
  5. Optimal Media Solution Ltd.,
  6. 21'st Century Constructions Ltd.,
  7. Times Journal India. Ltd.,
           9      Times Global Broadcasting Company Ltd.,
  1. Times Business Solutions Ltd.,
  2. Times Business Solutions RFZLLC (Dubai),
  3. Suryashankar Properties Ltd.,
  4. Shuhban Properties Ltd.
  5. Aadidev Properties Ltd
  6. Aryabhata Properties Ltd
  7. Anagha Estates Ltd
  8. Sushena Properties Ltd
  9. Vaidehi Estates Ltd
  10. Zoom Entertainment Network Ltd
  11. Times Digital Ltd
  12. Times Yoga Ltd
  13. Pt Ventures Private Ltd
  14. Times Goa Media Ltd
  15. Centre for Excellence in Management Training and Development, brand Equity Treaties Ltd
  16. Mind Games Shows Pvt. Ltd
  17. Vardhaman Publishers Ltd
  18. Vijayanand Printers Ltd
  19. Times Infotainment Media Ltd
  20. Mirchi Movies (India) Ltd
  21. Entertainment Network (India) Ltd. -( " Radio Mirchi " fame ) ( Listed Market Cap : Around Rs.1200 cr )
  22. Times Innovative Media Ltd
  23. Alternate Brand Solutions (India) Ltd
  24. TIML Globle Ltd
  25. TIML Golden Square Ltd
  26. TIML Radi Holdings Ltd
  27. One Golden SquareCreative Ltd
  28. TIML Radio Ltd
  29. TIML Digital Radio Ltd
  30. Artha Financial Services Ltd
  31. Artha Broking Services Ltd
  32. Artha Comnodities Ltd
  33. Artha Distribution Services Ltd
  34. Artha Forex Services Ltd
  35. Artha Insurance Broking Services Ltd
  36. Artha Credit Pvt. Ltd
  37. Times Internet Ltd
  38. Times Internet INC
  39. USA,Times Internet (UK) Ltd
  40. UK,Times Websol Ltd
  41. Times Mobile Ltd
  42. a2z Shopping Ltd
  43. Times of Money Ltd
  44. Times of Money Inc(USA)
  45. TimesofMoney UK-PLC(UK) ,
  46. TOM Global Payment Services Ltd
  47. Tom Payment Solutions Ltd
  48. Timesofmoney Financial Services Ltd
  49.  Times Guaranty Limited  ( Listed : Market Capitalization Around Rs. 70 cr )
  50.  TOM Expat Services Limited
Bennett , Coleman And Compant Limited has invested in valuable Paintings also
Status : Bennett , Coleman  And Company Limited is not Listed . It is not Publicly Held. Investment in Shares of Bennett Coleman And Company Limited can  be made by investors indirectly by investing in group companies like PNB Finance And Industries Limited , Bharat Nidhi , Camac Commercial , Askoka Viniyoga etc.which hold shares of Bennett , Coleman And Company.  PNB Finance And Industries Limited with Equity base : around Rs. 3 cr . ( NO Debt ) holds  about 19 % equity ( around 58 lakh shares )  of Bennett , Coleman And Company Limited. Jacaranda Corporate  Services Limited and PUNJAB PROPERTIES LIMITED are Wholly owned subsidiaries of PNB Finance And Industries Limited. So for every one share of PNB Finance it has , inter alia , holding of two shares of Bennett , Coleman And Company Limited .  ( In the unofficial trades ,share price of Bharat Nidhi is around   25 % higher than that of PNB Finance And Industries Limited . Share price of Camac Commercial may be higher . ) Please Click On Pages To Enlarge                                                ( IN LAKHS )
 General Warning : Investment in Shares Can Be Injurious to Your WEALTH Disclaimer : All information given in Good Faith . Please recheck every point before taking any decision. No responsibility with this Blog / Writer


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I request those who have further inputs on Bennett Colman ltd and Bharat nidhi Ltd To klindly share in these columns for benefit of others not having this fresh information

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The company which people are now saying is worth 100,000 crore was bought by R K Dalmia in 1946 from its Brit owners for a sum of Rs 2 crore then.

Anonymous said...

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What wold be value of BENNETT, COLEMAN one share of Rs. 10 face value as on date. i'm interested to buy. Pls, drop mail on

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Hello ashwani ji
I am riding on bharat nidhi share from past 13 to 14 years
So kindly suggest me

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Sir , it is an asset laden company but with with an Investor Unfriendly Management .