April 05, 2011

Message From Blog Writer

We express our sincere gratitude to all the Blog Readers for making RareIndianshares site a grand success.

1 ) Lists / quotations are published more for information purposes rather than firm bids / offers as on an Exchange based Trading terminal. All  quotations by traders / investors are tentative / indicative. We feel common investors stand to gain some knowledge if these lists are published rather if these are not published at all.

We do not rule out manipulative / reverse quotes ( called Ulti Awaaz in the pre online days of Shoutings and Chopris )   . But we firmly believe that investors are smart enough to read between the lines and sift the chaff from the  grain.

2 ) Please do not post comments which are derogatory or attack an individual . Please address only the investment issues .

Thanks again for the co-operation.

Regards ,

Ashwani Kumar Aggarwal


We are very happy to inform our valued blog Readers that our site


is also registered as


You can , also , access this site on the new web address .
The previous address is also valid

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