December 03, 2012

Sikka Chehrey Shahi- British Indian ( Silver ) Coins - For Investment

British Indian Silver Coins

India has a very good store of " Commonwealth" ( British time ) stamps and coins. Indian issued silver coins prices ( Sikka Chehrey Shahi - Coin With a Royal Face ) " are rising steadily. This trend can be analyzed from auctions .

With India becoming a global power there is a re rating of all collectible items ( including  coins ) connected with India .

Old timers remember when these British Indian silver coins were in circulation . There were particular names for some silver coins :-

MALKA GUTT WALI - Queen Victoria with Plaited ( Gutt ) Hair . This is the East India Company Issue ( all such Rupee .coins bear a single date .i.e. 1840 ) 
 Later Victoria coins (Post 1862 ) do not have the " Gutt " 

RODDA- ( meaning Bald ) This refers to Edward VII ( whose head on the observe of the coin was without crown  )

DOPPAR ( meaning Half ) These refer to the Post 1940  George VI silver coins when because of World War II  high cost silver content in coins was HALVED 

These silver coins are a good avenue for investing in silver ( But remain beware of Fakes ).

Ashwani Kumar Aggarwal

( Inputs credit to my father Late Dr. Dharm Paul Aggarwal )



These days many Chinese made Fake coins are circulating in India . To check counterfeit coins please click :-

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