November 29, 2013

Jullundur Motor- Bonus Share Are Fully Transferable ( Please Recheck )

To the best of  our knowledge ( which please Recheck ) RTA , MAS Services Limited , New Delhi , has informed that the bonus shares issued recently by Jullundur Motor are fully Transferable.


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November 27, 2013

Jullundur Motor Bonus Shares Are They Non Transferable ?? Please Recheck

Original Query :-
"I am holding 50 shares of JULLUNDUR MOTOR AGENCY WITH ISIN NO. INE412C01015 SINCE LONG.
The company has declared 1:1 bonus and i have recd. 50 shares OF JULLUNDUR MOLIST PEN WITH ISIN NO. IN8412C01014. how it happened  IS THE CREDIT WRONG OR ANY OTHER MATTER"

Message Received :-

Dear Sir,

Before its listing approval ISIN is locked soyou can not transfer the shares until its listing.

That is why two ISIN is there..

This Bonus shares are Freeze and can't be transfer.


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