February 04, 2014

Doubting Cassandras and the Great Tata s

No Doubts About Nano 

We are proud owner ( for the last 3 years ) of Three Nano Cars.

Tata Nano is the best car ( value for money ) is its segment.

Tata Nano is very safe also.The stepney tyre has been so places in the bonnet that it acts a anti collision safety device.

Because of Tata Nano 's high ground clearance , we love to take them on some sort of off roading on Kutcha Roads / rivulets in Himachal Pradesh.

When cutting across water Nano has an advantage because of Nano's engine is in the rear the waves pattern formed , water is shallower in the rear ( compared to more water in the front. ).



Manufacturers of Tata Nano , Tata Motors , also own the world renowned Jaguar- Land Rover ( JLR ) group.

Thus Tata Motors have access to the state of art automobile technology which has also gone in to making of the great Nano cars.

Nano cars are not just a car for the Aam Aadmi. 

They are Ratan Tata's passion.

We are grateful to him.
 Tata Steel and Colonial Arrogance

During Colonial times , the Britishers underestimated the Tata brilliance.

British arrogance when Tata s proposed to make Steel rail ( railway tracks ) 

Britishers : The Tata’s propose to make steel rails? I’ll eat every pound of steel rail they make!”

Tata 's Reply When Britishers started using Tata Steel rail , not only in India but in Europe too 

"He must have had a bad case of indigestion "

because Tata Steel not only became a primary producer of rails but also of rolling stock and of rail engines.

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