June 24, 2014

Macmillan Publishers India - Results For Year Ended 31-12-2014 EPS Minus Rs.18/09p

Sixth Annual Report 2013 ( Year ended 31-12-2013 )

Sales : Rs.168 crore

Gross Loss :- Rs. 34 crore

Nett Loss : Rs.31 crore

EPS :Rs. Minus -18/09 p


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March 11, 2014

Macmillan Publishers Desperate to Eject Loyal Shareholders at Fraction NAV

Laxmichand Jain said...
thanks for putting this up. I have been thinking on this too. Is it legal for the company to change our status from that of shareholders to beneficieries of a trust? They say that the beneficiary of the trust will be " rank pari-passu with the existing equity shareholders".

Also please read the letter that Cameo has sent. They say that there are 2 options from which we are supposed to choose. The 3rd option of continuing is mentioned in such a manner that you will never realise that its an option.


ugust 15, 2009

Macmillan Publishers India Limited

In a very surprising and complicated legal move Macmillan Publishers Limited has extinguished old Equity Shares and has given its shareholders 3 Options :-

1 ) Cash option of Rs. 69 per Share ( same rate as was offered 6 years ago !! ) 

2 )  Opt for Redeemable Preference Shares    ( RPS ).

3) Continue as Equity Shareholder of the Transferee Company  ( through Macmillan Equity Shares Trust ).( in terms of Clause 18 . 04 )

Kindly note :-

1 ) The above Options are to be exercised within a period of 60 days from Record Date i.e. before 13 -04-2014

 2 )  The Default Option is No 1 Option i.e. cash offer of Rs.69 per Share

3 ) The Shareholder if he receives a Cheque for Cash Option can return the un encashed cheque with in 30 days and can opt for  other two options i.e. Preference Shares / Equity Shares.

3 ) RTA are Cameo Corporate Services Limited ,


Tel : 044 -28460390 to 28460395
email : investor@cameoindia.com


Blog Comments : 

It seems the management is desperate to kick out its Equity shareholders at fraction of NAV of Company.

The net worth / prospects  seems to have improved greatly ( please recheck this point independently ) with the merger of wholly owned subsidiary , i.e.Frank Brothers And Company ( Publishers ) Limited with Macmillan Publishers ( India ) Limited  .

3 ) Regarding our holdings in Macmillan Publishers ( India ) Limited we have opted , on immediate basis , for the Equity Option.

4 ) No worry about Liquidity - Please Recheck independently  -( We have Rare Indian Shares site )


Registered Office : 21, Patullos Road , Chennai-600 002; Corporate Office : 315-316 Raheja Chambers , 12 , Museum Road , Bangalore- 560 001.

Established in 2008 after demerger from Macmillan India Limited . The publishing business of Macmillan India Limited was transferred to Macmillan Publishers India Limited . Frank Brothers And  Co. ( Publishers ) Ltd. another renowned publishing company ( based in New Delhi ) is Macmillan Publishers India Limited 's subsidiary.

Shareholders of Macmillan India Limited were allotted shares of Macmillan Publishers India Limited in the ratio of 1:1 .

Share capital is Rs.17 crore and Reserves Rs.94 crore. Financial Year ends 31 December

Whereas Macmillan India Limited is a listed Company , shares of the newly created Macmillan Publishers India Limited were , surprisingly , not listed . Its shareholders were given the option of either taking Rs.69 per share or take unlisted shares. Considering the share market slump at the time of the this offer and the prospect of illiquidity made most non - promoter investors go in for cash option. This makes the share a rare share.

Considering that Macmillan and its subsidiary Frank Brothers are iconic brands in the field of quality books and India being one the largest and fasted growing markets makes the shares of Macmillan Publishers India Limited ideal for investment by collector- investors. There are very few listed Publishing companies in India ( there are 5000 publishers in India ). Navneet Publishers is probably the only one.

Macmillan Publishers India Limited has over 3500 titles in its active list . It has relationships with over 15,000 schools all over India and with its 22 offices and showrooms possibly has the widest all- India network.




Status : Unlisted and Illiquid

Financials For Year Ended 31-12-10

Gross Profit : Rs. 7 cr 34 lakh
Depreciation Rs. Rs. 2 cr 6 lakh
Taxes           Rs. Rs. 2 cr 1 lakh
Net Profit     Rs. Rs. 3 cr 27 lakh
Dividend      Nil

Company's Background

Through a court approved scheme of demerger, the domestic publishing business of the 
erstwhile Macmillan India Ltd.( now MPS Ltd.) was taken over by the company. Along with
 the de merger, the investment in Frank Brothers and Publishers( India)Ltd (FB)was
also transferred. FB now functions as a wholly owned subsidiary of MPIL. Both companies
operate primarily in the field of Education and its books are an essential part
of the curriculum of schools affiliated to national private school boards all over India.
MPIL has a significant national presence with regional offices in the metros and the 
Registered Office in Chennai and Corporate Office in Bangalore.

Post the merger of the company has established newer business divisions. These divisions
 are Nature Publishing Group in the area of Scientific Publishing. Pan Macmillan for General and Trade Books,
 Palgrave for Higher Academic books. all of those businesses are integral to Macmillan 
Group's business worldwide and are very successful publishing ventures.

For MPIL, these businesses are in addition to the main line Education business which has been existent in India for over 
100 years.The establishment of these new businesses reflects the Macmillan Group's Commitment to the Indian market and 
customers. As has been mentioned in the Chairman's speech at the Annual General Meeting of the Company, the company is 
poised to make forays in the area of Digital Publishing and Teacher Training as well.

The Publishing industry is characterized by several small Indian publishers ad a few multinational companies.It is an 
intensely competitive industry and requires continous investment of editorail resources to produce new books and upgrade
existing books. The school book publishing business also needs to comply with Government( both State and Central) rules on syllabus and other matters.

There are sveral positive factors which bode well for the Publishing industry in India. The expectation of the higher GDp growth , 
the importance of the eductaionin the Indian value system and the continued criticality and potential of English language 
 learninga nd teaching, the growth of shopping malls  are some of them and the Company is well positioned to take advantage
 of these factors. The Company's financial performance since incorporation is as under:
               (RS. IN LACS)

                   2008     2009       2010
SALES            3,185.05   8,402.04   9,804.21
AFTER TAXATION   (647.25)   132.92     326.71

The Company's performance is likely to improve substantially in the following years due to the various factors mentioned above
 and due to the initiatives planned by the management.

The Company's exports are not significant and does not have any collaboration requiring investment inflow or outflow.


YEAR ENDED 31-12-2012

Sales Rs. 113 cr

Gross Loss Rs. 16 cr

Net Loss Rs. 15 . 6 cr.


Macmillan Publishers India- Reports Loss For 31-12-12 Ending Financial Year

Macmillan Publishers India is an Unlisted Company

For 0101-12 - to - 31-12-12

Sales : Rs105 cr 48 lakh

Gross Loss : Rs. 41 cr 67 lakh

Net Loss : Rs. 43 cr 53 lakh

EPS - Minus Rs. 26 / 70 p

Dividend : NIL

Subsidiary  ( wholly Owned by Macmillan Publishers ) Frank Brothers And Co. ( Publishers ) Limited 

Sales : Rs. 43 cr 22 lakh

Gross Profit : Rs. 6 cr 9 lakh

Net Profit : Rs. 4 cr 12 Lakh

Frank Publishers is being merged with Macmillan Publishers

Macmillan Publishers

As on 31-12-12

Share Capital Rs. 16 cr 93 lakh ( Face Value Rs. 10 )

Reserves  Rs. 39 cr 69 lakh

Promoters Holding : 96 : 88 %


General Warning : Investment in Shares Can be Injurious to Your  WEALTH

Caution :The blog writer has personal/ family members' holdings in this company , so please make suitable "provisions " for likely over optimism

( NB : All information given in good faith. Please recheck all facts. No responsibility taken by this author / blog . )

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