July 19, 2014

Selling Modern Threads, Weston Electroniks, Patheja Forging, Organic Chemoils , Others

I am holding  more than 1000 shares in each of the following companies. At one stage, they were doing good, now liquidated / under liquidation / delisted / winding up etc.  I guess.

Any point in holding on to the share certs ? 

 Any buyer?

1.   Weston Electroniks Ltd

2.   Hyderabad Lamps Ltd

3.  Organic Chemoils Ltd

4.  Rajasthan Breweries Ltd

5.   Bharat Pipes and Fittings Ltd

6.  Janak Intermediaries Ltd.

7.  Ind Euro Pharma Ltd

8.  S And S  Industries and Enterprises Ltd

9.  Patheja Forgings And Auto Parts Ltd

10.  Modern Threads Ltd

11. Modi Threads Ltd.

12.  Yenepoya Minerals Ltd

13.  Asian Tractors Ltd

14.  MESCO Pharmaceuticals Ltd

Would request Buyers to send me a mail. 

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Ashish said...

I am holding 2000 shares of reliace petroleum since 1993 .....what should I do now....

Ashwani Kumar Aggarwal said...

Reliance Pertoleum merged with Reliance Industries long time back. Originally these Reliance Petroleum securities were issued as TOCD s ( Triple Option Covertible Debentutes )