August 12, 2014

Wipro Enterprises Limited Annual Report 2013-14

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Annual Report 2013-14 :

Wipro Enterprises Limited primarily carries on the businesses of Consumer care products, Domestic & Commercial lighting and Infrastructure engineering which were transferred pursuant to the Scheme of Arrangement of Wipro Limited (“Wipro”) with effect from March 31, 2013, with the appointed date as on April 1, 2012.

Annual Report 2013 -14


Sales : 6563 crore

Gross Profit : Rs. 660 crore

Net Profit : Rs.555 crore


Sales Rs. 3179 cr

Gross Profit : Rs.383 cr

Net Profit Rs. 312 cr

EPS : Rs. 6 / 34 p

Dividend : Nil

Equity Share Capital :Rs. 492 crore

Reserves: Rs.4415 cr

Entire Preference Share Capital ( Rs. 50 paid up  has been redeemed @ Rs. 235 / 20 p per share ( Please Recheck )

AGM : 19/08/2014 -Bangalore (  Subject to Confirmation )

Wipro Enterprises limited was formerly named Azim Premji Custodial Services Private Limited and Azim Premji Custodial Services Limited 

Wipro Enterprises Limited is an Unlisted Share

General Warning : Investment in shares can be injurious to your WEALTH.

Caution :The blog writer has personal/ family members' holdings in this company ,so please make suitable "provisions " for any  likely over optimism .

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