September 22, 2014

List of Unlisted Shares For Sale by Nandlal Khandelwal

The shares in physical / demat forms of listed / delisted / suspended companies , which I am interested to sell are as under:

Name of the Company                                        Quantity                            Mode of Holding

Ras Extrusions                                                         5                                        Demat

Akar Laminators Ltd.                                              64                                       Physical

Nath Pulp and Paper Mills Ltd                            1500                                       -do-

Uvifort Metallizers Ltd.                                          100                                       -do-

Kanakdhara Steel Ltd.                                          600                                       -do-

Kaypee Mantex Ltd.                                              100                                       -do-

Navcom Oil Products Ltd.                                     100                                       -do-

Good Value Marketing Co. Ltd.                               25                                       -do-

Bindu Synthetics Ltd.                                              14                                        -do-

Nortech India Ltd.                                                  100                                       -do-

Maniyar Plast Ltd.                                                  500                                       -do-

Surya Morphy Richards Ltd.                                  100                                       -

Please note that Ras Extrusions are in Demat. All other Physical mode.


Nandlal Khandelwal

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