July 30, 2015

BLB Ltd. - Delisting ??

BLB Limited is considering Delisting from BSE in the Board of Directors meeting scheduled for 10-08-15

BLB share is Re 1 Paid Up..



The Great Babu Lal Bagri

BLB Group of Companies was founded by Delhi-based Babu Lal Bagri in 1965. “For almost three decades, he was a prime mover inTHE STOCK MARKET. Not only was he a fine exponent of the art of arbitrage, he was very well-respected in the industry for his business ethics. Remembered as one of the chief architects of the stock market system in India, he was an icon of his profession,” the company website says about its founder.
Known as “any time, any quantity man”, his very presence on the floor of the exchange could change the trend in share prices, it added.
BLB shares fell 2.5 per cent to close at Rs 5.

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