September 28, 2015

India Tourism ( ITDC ) AGM -2015 -Shareholders' Queries

Prestigious Ashok Hotels owner India Tourism Development Corp Ltd ( A Govt PSU ) held its AGM on 28/09/15 in New Delhi.

Public Shareholders raised the following queries :-

1 ) Whether he dues from Member Parliament ( MP s ) who have been staying in Ashoka Hotel , New Delhi been recovered ?

2 ) How was the 5 Star Hotel Akbar ( Chankyapuri , New Delhi ) worth Thousands of Crores  handed over to the Ministry of External Affairs ?

Some times back one of the Five Star Hotels of India Tourism Development Corp ( ITDC ) Akbar Hotel , Chankyapuri , New Delhi  , was simply taken over by the Ministry of External affairs ,probably without any meaningful compensation.

ITDC should take suitable steps  to recover the valuable property  Hotel Akbar .


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Prakash Seo said...

Nice article with informative ,thanks for sharing....!

Ashwani Kumar Aggarwal said...

Thanks , Prakash Sir