January 15, 2016

Petrol Price Reduced by Only few Paise Despite Crude Oil Price Crash

Daily Telegraph Post says Petrol , now , cheaper than Bottled Water.

But , Petrol Price in India reduced by only a few Paise.

Diesel Reduction much larger

Petrol is used by ( Common Man ) Non Vote Banks
Diesel by Vote Bank Laadla s


Crude Oil Fall is Windfall for Indian Govt.

Our Govt. should not fritter away this Windfall
Govt. should reduce the Cost of Governance ( by reducing its Bloated Bureaucracy )
End Subsidies as all Subsidies are cornered by the Rich in the name of the poor.
India , should use this opportunity to Buy Oil assets abroad ( like Warren Buffet is currently investing in Oil assets )
Have facilities and store crude oil reserves like the USA.


Please keep Physically Handicapped Indians out of this Great Game of Vote Bank pricing of Petrol / Diesel. Give Petrol to Handicapped at Cost Price i.e. Rs. 12 per Litre.

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