February 27, 2017

Problematic Share Transfers- Consultants

Anyone having physical shares problems mentioned below:-
• Unclaimed dividends
• Lost certificate cases
• Share transfer
• Share transmission
• Person living abroad
• Dematerialisation of shares
• Undelivered share certificates
• Issue of duplicate Certificates
• Follow up as per the need
• If u know that you have investments,I need only the person ,nothing else.
• Torn physical shares
• Post amalgamation,split issue
• Bonus declared,certificate not got
• Duplicate cum transmission cases
• Duplicate cum demat
• Name change 
• Post marriage ,name change problems
• Sign change
• Matters related to unlisted company
• Nomination facility in physical shares
• Physical shares held in some other name (you have the physical certificates)
• Company’s name change
Mail:- ujjwalberiwal11@gmail.com
Physical shares and Demat services


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