April 18, 2017

Hotel Properties/Shares to See Upward Re rating

Presently , some luxury Hotel properties are available for Sale / Lease .

Going by the Price Discovery in the case of change of ownership of Mac Charles India ( owners of Le Meridien , Bangalore ) , there may be a quantum jump in the market values of Hotel properties and consequently a sharp upward re rating of Hotel shares ( both Listed and Unlisted ).

Some of the prominent Hotels available for Sale / Lease are :-

Hotel Leela, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi


ITDC promoted regional Hotels i.e.

Hotel Jaipur Ashok, Jaipur

Lalitha Mahal Palace Hotel , Bangalore

Hotel Pataliputra Ashok, Patna

Hotel Kalinga Ashok , Bhabhaneshwar

Subsidiary Companies of ITDC  i.e.

Madhya Pradesh Ashok Hotel Corporation Limited

Assam Ashok Corporation Limited

Pondicherry Ashok Hotel Corp Ltd

Donyl Polo Ashok Hote Corp. Ltd.

Punjab Ashok Hotel Company Limited


Some Hotels of Mansingh Hotels and Resorts


Taj Mansingh Hotel , New Delhi



Many foreign Hotel chains are in the race  along with prominent Indian Companies.

There would be big consolidation in the industry along with furious Mergers and Acquisition ( M and A ) activity.


Important : Please do not take Any Investment Decision based on the above stated analysis. Please only do a further Self Study

General Warning : Investment in Shares Can be Injurious to Your WEALTH

Disclosure : The Blog writer in his / family names has holdings in many Hotel companies ( Listed and Unlisted ). So please make suitable " provisions " for any likely Over Optimism

NB :All information given in good faith. Please recheck every point before taking any investment decision. No responsibility with this blog / blog writer.

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