May 28, 2017

OTC Exchange- Exclusively Listed Shares' List

Now on Dissemination Board ( DB ) of BSE

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For other , now , closed Regional Stock Exchanges

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Ahmedabad Stock Exchange Limited295407
Madhya Pradesh Stock Exchange Limited514
Ludhiana Stock Exchange Limited181
Madras Stock Exchange Limited22551
Pune Stock Exchange Limited21
U.P. Stock Exchange Limited9417
Compulsory Delisted Companies(shares available for buying/selling on Dissemination Board)108


For Regional Stock Exchanges Exclusively Listed Companies ( ELC ), important SEBI ( 2016 )directions :-

It appears that SEBI has extended the deadline to 30 th June, 2017 ( Please Recheck this

============================= )

 Share Experts feel that next set of Multibaggers can come from the Delisted Market.

Shares like Frick India, Dalmia Refractories can zoom once Metropolitan Stock Exchange ( earlier named MCX Stock Exchange ) ( where Frick India , Dalmia Refractories are Exclusively Listed  starts trading in Shares.

For more on Frick India,

Dalmia Refractories


Dissemination Boardsand  Metropolitan Stock Exchange Fail Regional Stock Exchange /ELC Shareholders,

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