January 03, 2019

Blog Caution- We Have No Representatives

It has been brought to my Notice that some Investors on Whats App etc are approaching Investors / Dealers claiming to represent us or having been authorised by us.

Please exercise utmost caution .

We have never authorised any one.

Personally , I do not use a Smartphone and am not on any Whats App in Personal capacity.

We are Investors and Journalists and have no Public Dealings.

For the last 10 years we have sought to spread information and attempted to get proper rates for Investors of  Delisted / Unlisted shares..

We get many phone calls  from totally Unknown Investors and we request such investors to approach the Dealers ( given on our Site ) .

We have never charged any thing from Investors / Dealers.

Rare Indian Shares has Zero Tolerance for any Act of Dishonesty / Cheating by any one whatsoever / Who so Ever.


Ashwani Kumar Aggarwal

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