April 12, 2019

Novopan Industries to Kick out Loyal Remainder Share Holders

Novopan Industries Delisted in 2014 at a Delisting Price of Rs.40 /-

Its Promoters have initiated the process of Compulsory Buying back of remaining shareholders  , by way of NCLT mandated Selected Capital Reduction 

 Share price has  been arbitrarily valued at Rs. 40 ( same at the Exit price determined 5 years back.

 This is totally unacceptable . 

Novopan Industries has very valuable land bank 

EGM for this purpose on 11/05/2019 at Hyderabad


The Valuers etc are all engaged by the Managements and cannot be considered as Unbiased or totally Fair. Affected shareholders should be allowed to have their own valuers / Valuation Reports. 


SEBI must intervene. Laws must be changed to protect the small share holders of Unlisted Companies.




Jolly Board , which holds very valuable real estate assets in Kanjur Marg , Mumabi , is also following similar cheap tactic to oust loyal remainder small shareholders.



Suashish Diamonds does the same anti shareholders move :-



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For further case studies  vis - a - vis small shareholders , please consider the following links :-



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