June 11, 2019

Gobind Sugars-2018-19-Results

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Gobind Sugar is listed in Metropolitan Stock Exchange in which Exchange there is no Equity trading

Blog : It appears ( Please Recheck this ) that some shares of Gobind Sugar are available for Sale / Purchase with Dealers of Rare Indian Shares.


November 25, 2018

Gobind Sugar-2017-18-Annual Report , Q1,Q2-2019 Ressults

Gobind Sugar Mills Limited (GSML) is a leading Sugar Manufacturing Company in India, situated at Aira- the sugar bowl region of the country, Lakhimpur Kheri District of Uttar Pradesh. The company was nurtured by Late Dr. K.K Birla since 1952,today Adventz Group is the promoter and the majority shareholder of GSML. In the new millennium GSML has been upgraded with new technology, which enabled the unit to crush 10,000 tons of Sugarcane per day.

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There are 3100 shareholders and  1 share Rs. 10 paid up.

Annual Report 2017-18

Q1- 2019 Results

Q2-2019 Results


For More on Poddar ( son-in-law of Late KK Birla 's Adventz group

Adventz group


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