July 06, 2019

20% Tax on All Buybacks Bharat Nidhi Also ?? ( Please Recheck )

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If  TDS @ 20 % is deducted , Investors exercising Buy back in case of Bharat Nidhi shares would get net cash of only Rs.8983 / 20 p ( Rs.11,229 minus Rs. 2245 /80 p )



July 02, 2019

Bharat Nidhi-Aggrieved Shareholders- What Apps-Wanted - Number


July 04, 2019

Bharat Nidhi Buyback- Public Shareholders Join Hands

Public Shareholders contend that Valuation has been worked at Book Value and does not in any way reflect the true worth of assets in present times .

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Public Shareholders are grateful for taking up their cause to Sandeep Gupta of Delhi 

( M )  9810690960

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Dear Mr. Agarwal, Thank you so much for kind reply. I am sorry I could not revert back earlier. These two are very pertinent points as you have observed. 1) No valuation report is provided. The basis for such low fair value needs to be explained/elaborated by the company since past valuation by merchant bankers was way higher than these levels. The company has been consistently making profits, so how come valuation have come down? You have put it very nicely - would the company sell at these prices? The aversion to listing so that transparent price discovery is preempted is both unfortunate and obvious. The time limit to convey acceptance/decline is very short. No individual communication has been provided to the shareholders, so many would most likely remain in the dark. 2) Your idea of shareholders organising themselves on the lines of Digvijay Finlease is excellent. However how to go about it, if you could share your thoughts?

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