December 26, 2019

Reliance Retail Shares -To Convert to RIL shares ( Ratio 4:1)

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December 31, 2019

Reliance Retail Shareholders May Challenge Compulsory Swap With RIL Shares

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Aggrieved Investors feel that  if the Management is really worried about providing an Exit option to Reliance Retail shareholders then it should make the Swap Exercise Optional and Not Compulsory. 

Let the shareholders of Reliance Retail decide themselves whether they want a swap with RIL shares or wish to sell their shares in the Unlisted market. 

4 Reliance Retail Shares = 1 Reliance Industries share
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Reliance Retail shares ( Unlisted ) tumble after this offer :-

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It appears some shares of Reliance Retail are available, for Sale / Purchase ,,with Dealers of Rare Indian Shares  (Please Recheck this ).

.For the complete scheme , please click . the following link :-

It seems to be a Compulsory Reduction of Share Capital- Please Refer to Page 1,Para 6

Please , also ,refer to Page 3  Para 4 -It appears that this conversion is compulsory . ( Please Recheck this Independently , also ,and Please take No Investment Decision based on our Comments )

Some Non Reliance Employee Shareholders , who are  aggrieved by this move are talking about challenging it in the NCLT, Mumbai. ( Please Recheck this )


July 02, 2019

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Ashwani Kumar Aggarwal said...

Bombay Swadeshi ( DMart Group ?? ) - A Retailing Hidden Gem ??
Trading in the Unlisted Market of shares of Reliance Retail has brought the focus on another Retail Gem ( of DMart Group ) Bombay Swadeshi Stores ( Unlisted ).

It appears the Company is showing a significant turnaround after its takeover by the Damani group. ( Please Recheck this .