January 24, 2020

ITI FPO 24 to 28 January 2020


Sr. No.UPI Apps live on IPOUPI ID
1BHIM (android & iOS)@upi
2BHIM Axis Pay (only android)@axisbank
3BHIM SBIPay (only android)@sbi
4Citi Mobile (android & iOS) @citi & @citigold
5google pay(only android)@okhdfcbank
6HSBC Simply Pay (android & iOS)@hsbc
7iMobile by ICICI Bank (android users)@icici
8Phone-Pe (android & iOS)@ybl

Dear Client,
Please use the following simple steps to apply for ITI LTD - FPO through UPI :

Step 1 : Download any one UPI App to create your UPI Handle which will be used for IPO Application. This is a one time process, UPI handle once created can be used in all IPO applications.

The UPI App will guide you on the entire process of creating the UPI Handle. If UPI handle is already created, Step 1 can be skipped.
Step 2 :
  1. Visit https://www.shcilservices.com/ipo-online/​
  2. Select the IPO you wish to apply.
  3. Enter UCC  And Click On Populate Details.
  4. Enter the bid details.
  5. Enter the UPI handle in UPI Details.
  6. Click on Submit Application. You will get OTP on your registered mobile number.
  7. Enter OTP and click on Submit OTP. You’ll get application reference number.
Step 3 :
Once done, please use your UPI App to accept the mandate (there may be some delay due to process carried out by the exchange). The application amount will get blocked in your account and will be released only after the IPO allotment is over.

Once accepted, your application is through. For any clarification, please connect  us on
91-22 61778606 /  91-22 61778624  / 91-22 61778622

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