May 18, 2020

My School Class Mate Does Us All Very Proud

I came to St. Stephen's College , Delhi, in 1975  from Punjab Public School , Nabha ( ISC- , Class XI- 1974 batch )

I feel very proud sharing with by fellow Stephanians the good work being done by my fellow School class mate , Col. ( Retd. ) Ravinder Singh Dahiya ( graduate of Delhi Univ ) and , now , based in Gurugram .
Ravinder Singh Dahiya ( Ravi House PPS -1974 Batch ) is doing a great job of teaching underprivileged students and grooming them for best possible careers , including careers in the armed forces .

His story

Col Dahiya ' reply to me :-

Dear brother Ashwani, thank you for sharing my story. It’s been an amazing journey so far and given me a lot of happiness teaching the kids and learning from them.
One of the classes has appeared in the 10th board exams and I will be looking forward to seeing their results. 

I am not looking for any more financial support for the classroom. What I do solicit now is support for specific students who excel in studies and wish to continue their education which they may be deprived of because of their financial situation.

Thank you 🙏

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