September 12, 2020

Reliance Retail 's Rise - Impact on Dmart ?

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July 02, 2019

Bombay Swadeshi ( DMart Group ?? ) - A Retailing Hidden Gem ??

Trading in the  Unlisted Market  of shares of Reliance Retail has brought the focus on another Retail Gem ( of DMart Group ) Bombay Swadeshi Stores ( Unlisted ).

It appears the Company is showing a significant turnaround after its takeover by the Damani group. ( Please Recheck this .

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Bombay Swadeshi Stores

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A Retailing Company hidden gem - Bombay Swadeshi Stores

Bombay Swadeshi Stores is an associate retail company of the Dmart Group RK Damani ).

It has shown a significant turnaround in the 2017-18 - Results. For Annual Report , please click :-

Bombay Swadeshi Stores has Delisted wef 10/11/2015 - Discovered Price in Reverse Book Building Rs. 126 ( Share Rs 2 Paid Up

There may be a substantial re-rating of the delisted Bombay Swadeshi Stores shares

Important : Please do not take Any Investment Decision based on the above stated analysis. Please only do a further Self Study

General Warning : Investment in Shares Can be Injurious to Your WEALTH

Disclosure : The Blog writer in his / family names has holdings in this Company. So please make suitable " provisions " for any likely Over Optimism

NB :All information given in good faith. Please recheck every point before taking any investment decision. No responsibility with this blog / blog writer.


It appears some shares  ( Rs. 2 paid up ) of Bombay Swadeshi Stores are available with Dealers of Unlisted / Delisted Shares  (Please Recheck this )

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