May 08, 2021

Memories -Delhi Stock Exchange -Hindustan Motors shares

  Those were the days when shares were traded by shouting system in a trading ring-' Motoran , Motoran - Liya - Becha and transactions recorded in Chopris / diaries of both buyers and sellers.
In 1970s in Delhi Stock Exchange ,situated at Asaf Ali Road, had a few shares in its Forward list.This list meant that transactions could be rolled over to the next settlement after payment of some amount which was called Badla.

These shares were

Century Spinning ( While shouting on the Trading Floor : Eh Century , Century --) 
Hindustan Motors ( Motor an 
Modi Spinning 
Delhi Flour Mills  
Delhi Cloth and General Mills - DCM

Rohtas Industries
In those days RIL stood for Rohtas Industries Limited
 Original Share certificates of Hindustan Motors Ltd.were issued before Partition . 
 These had on it map of a United India. 
Some time in 1970 s many forged / fake share certificates of Hindustan Motors started circulating in share bazaars . Then Hindustan Motors asked its share holders to return their certificates , just like cars are sometimes recalled . After verifying as genuine these were returned to share holders after stamping them as Verified .
Hindustan Motors Ltd , estd 1942 ( manufacturers of the iconic Ambassador cars ) planned its manufacturing plant ,first at a location in East Bengal ( now ,Bangladesh ) .
Birlas , however , waited for the contours of Partition rumours to become clearer.
They finally selected Uttarpara near Calcutta .

In Pictures: India’s iconic Ambassador car 


 Ambassador Car - Iconic Brand Sold to Peugeot The Hindustan Ambassador car was discontinued in 2014 as sales dropped continuously and it could not keep up with the new generation of cars in the Indian market.for Just Rs.80 crore. 


Personal Note - I was Lucky

 After college , in early 1980 s ,I was very lucky when I sold my family's Hindustan Motors' shares . There had been a sharp rise in its share prices , which later turned out to be , only temporary .------------ 

Prayer to God Almighty

In life , including share investments , .' I would rather be lucky than intelligent .'


Rare Indian Shares site

I tell people that why I selflessly run this site is also as a mark of respect and gratitude to Share Bazaars / Shares which have given me my Livelihood -' Mujhe Rozi - Roti Di Hai .'






tushar agarwal said...

Aapko dil se naman for sharing such superb old memories

Ashwani Kumar Aggarwal said...

Thanks Brother Tushar for your very kind words of encouragement .

Ashwani Kumar Aggarwal said...

Rohtas Industries Limited ( initially named Rohtas Sugar ) flagship company of Ram Krishan Dalmia group was a very dynamic company. Its shares , in Delhi Stock Exchange , were listed in the " Forward " list meaning its transactions could be carried forward to the next settlement by paying a " Badla "amount.

Rohtas Industries , after sugar and cement put put Paper and Vanaspati ( Hanuman Vanaspati Units. All its products were in shorty supply and commanded a premium in the grey markets.

In 1938 , Rohtas Industries cement plant was inaugurated by the Great Freedom Struggle Leader, Netaji Subhash Chander Bose

Ashwani Kumar Aggarwal said...

Delhi Flour Mills is more than 100 years old------------

The Delhi Flour Mills Co. Ltd. was having large parcel of land in the heart city at Burf Khana, near Amba/Palace cinema which is hardly 1/2 km from St.Stephen's College, Delhi. -------------

Delhi Flour Mills 2019-20 Super Profits on Sale of DFM Foods Shares
For 2019-20 , EPS for Rs 10 paid up share is Rs.1917 / 43 p because of substantial one time profit from sale of shares of DFM Foods shares

Developing Real Estate at erstwhile Mills at Roshanara Road , Delhi---It appears some shares of Delhi Flour Mills are available , for sale / purchase ,with Dealers of Rare Indian Shares ( Please Recheck this )

Ashwani Kumar Aggarwal said...

I remember my college days in Delhi ,in late 1970 s when I used to come in a Three Wheeler from New Delhi Railway station to St. Stephen's College via Filmistan Cinema ( Opp DCM Mills )and Hindu Rao Hospital . In between we passed through Old Subzi Mandi. Around old Subzi Mandi there was a building on which was etched , probably , in cement an advertisement -


This ad , in 1970 s ,was ironical in two ways :-

1 ) Firstly , in 1970 Rohtas Cement had stopped production.

2 ) At that time , consumers of cement did not have the luxury of choosing their brand.

At that time , Govt. departments issued Cement permits ( after due bureaucratic procedures / corruption ) and told cement consumers to pick up their cement bags from specified suppliers


Govt. specified the Selling prices of cement ( there was a flourishing black market ) and cement bags were in the august company of American Dollar. Both had one official rate and one Black market rate )

Govt appointed Loveraj Kumar Committee to determine the fair price of cement It divided all Cement pants in to 3 categories. As per the skewed permit / quota Raj , inefficient old wet process cements were allowed to charge more than the new Dry process plants. Subsidising inefficiency.