June 18, 2022

Arvind Kumar;s List of Unquoted Shares - For Sale

I have shares in following unlisted companies-

1.Avail Holding Ltd. 200 shares 
2.SFL Industries Ltd. 200 shares 
3.Sooraj Automobiles Ltd. 140 shares 
4.Shrishma Fine Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Ltd. 75 shares 
5.RMI Steels Ltd. 128 shares 
6.Usha India Ltd. 40 shares 
7.R.P.Hydro Oils Ltd  300 shares 
8.Asup Synthetics and Chemicals Ltd. 100 shares 
9.Malanpur Steel Ltd. 466 shares 
10.Hindusthan Development Corporation Ltd.50 NCD @Rs.40/- due on 21.04.2000, 21.04.2001, 21.04.2002 and 21.04.2003 (RS.500/- was due each year.)


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