November 13, 2022

Sucheta Dalal - Moneylife is Doing a Marvellous Job

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An anonymous donor has made an offer to match all your donations in the next 6 weeks, upto Rs3,000 per donor.
Your donation helps not just you, but lakhs of other beneficiaries as we work towards a better future by making savers and investors financially aware, empowering consumers to fight for their rights, promoting transparency in the government and advocating for a change.

Help us Double our Donations, so that we can remain independent and can continue to fight for your rights.
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Here's how the matching donation campaign will work:
  • If you donate Rs3,000, the donor will match that amount and also donate Rs3,000.
  • However, if you donate Rs10,000 the matching donation will be capped at Rs3,000.
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By supporting Moneylife Foundation, you are supporting our efforts to:
  • Empower Citizens with Educational Webinars.
  • Always advocate for the rights of the common consumer and take up issues that matter most to you.
  • Provide FREE guidance and counseling on several issues with our Legal & Credit Helplines; and advise on RTI related matters through our 'RTI Advice' app.
  • Pursue the legal route for large issues of importance to our members.
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