December 22, 2022

AV Thomas Rs.150/share GKN Driveline Rs 69/share Dividends

AV Thomas & Co Limited

Rs 150 Per Share credited in bank account on 21-12-2022

GKN Driveline (India) Limited

Rs 69 Per Share credited in bank account on 22-12-2022

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I P Gupta
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IP Gupta -M.Sc,MBA,( Faridabad )- Share Dealer
,also consultants for problematic transfer cases
Mobile - 9971104447, 9899220695, 8010266990

For IEPF Claims, Demat, Transmission cases ,Unlisted / Pre IPO Deals , Signature / Address Issues- Problematic Cases

We Provide Below Services:

IEPF Claims 
Conversion of physical share to demat
Death cases of share holders
Demat Opening
Unlisted/Pre-IPO share deals
Signature/Address Issues of Physical Share Certificates

Tarun Gupta
M - 9899220695
o/o IP Gupta , Share Dealer


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