December 07, 2023

Hella India Lighting - 2022-2023-Annual Report. Shares to Promoters at Rs 986 / share

For Annual Report 2022-2023, please click ;-

Hella India Lighting delisted in 2015 at Rs 52 /39 p per Share-PLEASE RECHECK THIS. 

Recently shares were issued to Promoters at Rs. 986 / share

Source Annual Report 2022-2023

As a result, the Company
received a total of ₹54,45,80,618 (INR Fifty Four Crore Forty Five Lakh Eighty Thousand Six Hundred
Eighteen only) on issuing 5,52,313 (Five Lakhs Fifty Two Thousand Three Hundred and Thirteen) fully
paid-up equity shares at ₹10/- (INR Ten only) per share, at a premium of ₹976/- (INR Nine Hundred
Seventy-Six only), at a total price ₹986/- (INR Nine Hundred Eighty-Six only) per equity share

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