January 26, 2024

Dalhousie town- in Himachal Pradesh was Pakistan -For 4 days from 14/08/1947 to 17/08/1947.


Dalhousie town was part of Gurdaspur District of Punjab.
Till 17/08/1947 every one assumed that under the Radcliffe Award ,Gurdaspur district would go to Pakistan.
For these 4 days ,soldiers of Baloch Regiment, which Regiment was allotted to Pakistan , took control of Dalhousie town . They also put up Pakistani flags in this beautiful hill station.
 Incumbency Board of DC s of Gurdaspur District lists Mushtaq Ahmed Cheema as the DC from August 14 to 17, 1947, who later moved to Pakistan on that day. Indian DC Chanaya Lal took over from him on August 17.
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