December 26, 2010

Balance Sheets ( P & L ) of Rare Companies And All Other ( Even PVT ) Co - Available

I can provide the Accounts/Balance Sheet of the companies mentioned (of course within reasonable cost).

Please note that it will be what companies have filed with Ministry of Corporate Affair and not the Annual Report.

Please let me know if anyone is interested.

Manish -

The financials are available for any rare company  as well as any other company, even pvt limited companies.

Manish Somani - 9958006642


Anonymous said...

Respected Blog Adminstrator,

The financials are available for any rare companies as well as any other companies, even pvt limted companies.

Manish Somani - 9958006642

Anonymous said...

Buying PNB Finance @ Rs 3500 and Bharat Nidhi @ Rs 5000. The rates are non negotiable.

prabhu said...

from when i buy?