December 21, 2010

Niraj Kajaria- Buyer Bilenergy Sysytems @ 30 - Any Quantity

Wanted Bilenergy Systems ltd (Bilpower Ltd group) Shares at Rs.30/= any quantity


Kajaria Securities & finance


Anonymous said...

Bilpower Energy Systems is a wholly owned subsidiary company of Bilpower so hence there is no share available in market.

Manish - 9958006642

Anonymous said...

There is update on the above news -

The shareholders of Bilpower will receive one equity share of Bil Energy Systems for one share held in the company. Going forward, the power equipment company will be listing Bil Energy Systems.

Anonymous said...

@Mr Manish - Appa research thora old tha. Thanks for updating that.

@Kajaria - Any quant ka kya matlab hai. Company takeover hi kar logay.

Satyakam Mishra