June 17, 2011

Message From Mayur

Bharat Nidhi

The price was already jacked off ... what we will see is cooling off of the price now.

9000 rate- I think that is old news. May be 2 months back.

The shareholder list has only advantage for people who have started the game first. I have heard that at least 50 letters have been sent to the shareholders from some willy nilly broker.

Only shares left in the market is one where there is no clear title or problematic shares. But this makes sense since they can again some money out of this.

Well thanks to stockbroker from Karnal and Associate, the price has been maintained. Perhaps he has orders from his masters in Delhi.

I see that this blog is heavily censored. I see all rosy post and no objective criticism of any stock and or any stock broker. Perhaps, we will in fear that we might be reprimanded by Mr Agarwal.

I had a look at the results of Natraj which were close to being called pathetic. I dont think this deserve the value of 150 now. I am glad i sold off some at 180.

JITESH SONEE say on jeetayga kaun that BONUS/SPLIT INEVITABLE, wonder what makes him say that. All rumors.


Ashwani Kumar Aggarwal said...

thanks MAYUR, tats a timely note.........


Manish said...

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Anonymous said...

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