June 11, 2011

Selling Oswal Agro And Sistema Shyam - Dilip

Dear Sir,

I have shares of oswal agro mills 10000
Sistema shyam tele 10450

Pls let me if any investor willing to buy
Waiting for your reply


My telephone numbers

Mobile  9840278351
044-25350312, 25350313


Mayur said...

Mr Agarwal why dont you ever take feedback for this website ?

Ashwani Kumar Aggarwal said...

Dear Blog Reader ,

There is no point in targeting an individual. It would be of great help to all if we address investment issues .


Mayur said...

Well, you are a dedicated and I admire your loyalty. No one is targeting, least that should bother you. I am doing a selfless job in letting you recognize the realities of life. If a simple common sense doesn't make sense then I don’t know what will make sense to you.

Putting 60 stocks on buy when you have none (trust you appreciate the indication), what kind of obduracy is that? If you really want to concentrate on the investment issue, this obnoxious business of displaying list after list should stop.

I am glad my efforts have cured some trader of waywardness. I will not concede till I cure some of traders of their cerebral pig-headedness.

Get well soon Mr Agarwal.

Ashwani Kumar Aggarwal said...

We agree with you that the list is at best indicative only . But even indicative rates are of great educational value to the general investors. If the choice is between putting rates with likelihood of manipulation and not putting the rates at all, we feel that the investor can use the given rate to work for him self the correct rate . The correct rate and the right share dealer would have to be worked out by the investor him self . We can only be facilitators.



Mayur said...

The stubbornness continues unabashed.... I think you are suffering from some psychotic issues. Do you want some help....