December 30, 2014

Patriotism of Indian Muslims - Pokhran II -1998

India conducted its Second Nuclear Tests ( Pokhran II ) in 1998.
USA imposed sanctions on India.
India , subsequently , facing foreign exchange shortage floated Resurgent India Bonds ( denominated in Dollars = $ ) for subscription by N R I ( Non Resident Indians ) living abroad.
The response was beyond expectation .India weathered the foreign exchange storm.
Later , an analysis was done of the subscribers to Resurgent India Bonds .
Major part of the subscription came from NRI s of Arab countries / Middle East , where majority of Non Residents Indians are of Muslim faith . ( Non Muslim NRI s are in majority in Europe , America s ( USA , Canada etc ) ,Australia and so on .
This gesture reminds of the grand patriotism / sacrifice of Bhama Shah ( in 16 th Century ) who gave his entire wealth to Maharana Partap after the Battle of Haldighati ,so that Maharana Partap could carry on his military struggle

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