May 05, 2016

Nominee May Not Get Your money on Death- Must Make Will

Must Make Will - Nominee Only Trustee in Most Cases

Nominee ( except in case of shares and most probably , now , in Insurance policies ( please recheck ) - is only a Trustee. Real owner is as per the Will.


While writing Will , please include  these important points.

1 ) Where ever ( Testator )  made Nominations , the Nominee / s would be the sole beneficiary of that asset.

2 ) In case , any one of the legatees pre deceases( Testator ) in that case that share would not lapse but would , instead , devolve on the Legal heirs of that Legatee.

3 ) In case any asset , movable or immovable , is not mentioned here or is acquired afterwards would devolve    on --------


How Hindu Succession Law Applies When a Person Dies Without Will?

Also , please try to get Will registered ( though not mandatory ).

In our one case , the Trial Court granted Probate on a Photostat copy of an Unregistered Will.

We went in to appeal in the High Court where our Appeal was upheld


Blog Caution : Please Recheck All Information / Seek Expert Guidance

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