June 22, 2016

Max Ventures - What Could be Fair Value Per Share ( Please Recheck )

What is the LIKELY fair value of one share of Max Venture ?


 Let us do some study . ONLY STUDY NO INVESTMENT , PLEASE

( Please Recheck every fact and , especially figures like Share Capital etc.) . 

We May be Wrong 


Max Ventures owns Max Specialty Films manufacturing Unit at its sprawling factory at Balachaur ( Dist. Ropar Punjab )

In 2012 , a deal had been struck to sell this Unit to Treofan of Germany for Rs. 540 crore

Source :-


Since , then fortunes of Films packaging units have improved many times . Study the performance of Peer group like Cosmos Films , Uflex etc ( whose   share prices are at all time high ).

We can the current enterprise value of Max Specialty Films at Rs. 1500 crore.

The Share Capital of , now ,  emerged Max  Ventures is around Rs. 50 crore i.e. 5 crore shares of Rs. 10 each.

So , the likely value of one share of Max Ventures is Rs. 300.


June 28, 2016

Max Ventures Does Well in 2015-16 ( 9 months )- New Investments. Please Recheck

For 9 months period ( First 3 Quarters ending 31/12/2015 ) in the financial year 2015-16 , the Demerged Max Ventures :-

EBITA - Rs. 68 crore

Profit Before Tax Rs. 27 crore


Caution : Please recheck and recalculate  every

 figure and fact before taking any investment

 decision . No responsibility with this Blog / Writer 


Also , please read :-

January 14, 2016 

Max India -Demerger






General Warning : Investment in shares can be injurious to your WEALTH.

Caution :The blog writer has personal/ family members' holdings in this company ,so please make suitable "provisions " for likely over optimism

( PS : All information given in good faith. Please recheck all facts etc. No responsibility with this author / blog. )

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