June 29, 2016

Trading Till 5 PM- Metropolitan Stock Exchange Seeks SEBI Approval



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This would be an exciting development.

But first Metropolitan Stock Exchange must commence Trading during normal Trading Hours.

Many erstwhile Regional Stock Exchange Listed shares like Frick India are Listed only on Metropolitan Stock Exchange,

Such investors are facing great difficulty


June 29, 2016

Frick India Trading Procedure-Metropolitan Stock Exchange

1 ) Today , I made a telephonic call to Metropolitan Stock Exchange , Mumbai at 

Tel : 022-6112-9010

and said that I wish to sell shares of Frick India Limited and sought their help .

2 ) They were very polite and helpful.

3) They told me that up till today  , no trading has taken place in Frick India shares so the rate of Frick India is yet to be discovered.

4 )  For discovering the rate,  there is a special window operating at Metropolitan Stock Exchange between 9 AM and 9:45 AM.

5 ) After I have selected a Metropolitan Share Broker , I should ask my Broker to place my Offer in this Special Window before 9 : 45 AM and see if a Buyer appears.


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We appeal to our readers / Investors to send emails to SEBI in this regard under the Tag - Stock Exchange.

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