March 21, 2017

Dalmia Refractories- Promoters Consolidate Holdings

What is Happening ?


Dalmia Refractories which was earlier Listed in Madras Stock Exchange  is at present , defacto, Delisted ( although officially listed in Metropolitan Stock Exchange and CSE) 


1 ) Promoter Dalmias are consolidating their investment in Dalmia Refractories from earlier various different Investment Companies  to Akhya Estate Holdings Private Limited

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Other Developments :-

2 ) Dalmia Bharat merging with it OCL Limited ( earlier named Orissa Cement ) OCL ,also, has a large refractories division.

 Dalmia Refractories is Dalmia Bharat's associate.


Earlier this year ,Dalmia Refracrories entered in to collaboration with the world renowned Refractories MNC - Seven Refractories

Headquartered in Divača/Slovenia, Seven Refractories offers one of the largest and most advanced portfolio of monolithic refractory materials, complemented by project management and exhaustive modern installation knowledge. With a newly expanded plant in Slovenia, a green-field plant starting at year end in Kazakhstan and seven international subsidiaries and numerous agencies, Seven serves over 300 customers in 40 different countries.

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4 ) Dalmia Refractories has formed a wholly owned subsidiary namely Dalmia Seven Refractories Limited

19/12/2016 Notification

Dalmia Refractories Limited has informed to the Exchange that Dalmia Refractories Limited has incorporated a wholly owned subsidiary company in the name of "Dalmia Seven Refractories Limited" in India.


5 )

Dalmia Bharat Hires International Talent to Strengthen Refractories Business


EPS for ( Q1=Q2+Q3 )9 months Ending December 2016 is Rs.12/ 06 p

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It seems some shares of Dalmia Refractories are available , for Sale / Purchase ,with Dealers of  Delisted shares ( Please Recheck this )


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