March 20, 2017

Super Results-Shervani ( Geep ) Industrial Syndicate Dec 2016 Ending ??

It appears Shervani Industrial Syndicate ( earlier known as Geep Industrial Syndicate ) has sated monetizing  its massive real estate assets i.e.  constructed flats / plots in Allahabad.

Shervani Legacy , Allahabad

Please study the 9 months ending December 2016 Results. EPS above Rs. 15 /- compared to Minus -Rs. 5/34 for the same period in the last year.



Shervani Industrial Syndicate is an asset laden Company , with Book Value of around Rs. 600 per share of Rs. 10


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ninatorres said...

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Ashwani Kumar Aggarwal said...

Geep ( Shervani ) is very good investment at this rate and it can go up to four figures as it is asset laden and with a very small share capital of around Rs. 3 crores. Book Value Rs.600 / share. But it is not a Gillette group company. t sold out its Geep brand to Gillette and converted its huge factory land in Allahabad in to a massive Real Estate project ( Shervani Legacy ). Geep further owns a biscuit factory and owns shares in Group `s Hotel, Sugar and Electronic component manufacturing units